New Releases for the Week of Dysentery and Sticking to the Shadows

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    You used 126 bullets and shot 9260 pounds of meat, but you could only carry 200 pounds back to the wagon.
  • chrisWhitechrisWhite Littleton, CO
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    I don't like the new Gameloft Oregon Trail much at all, granted, I played the iPhone version but it's the same developer and the same graphics so I'm guessing they didn't change it that much. What I hate about it is it's basically The Oregon Trail light, I really miss being able to go in and buy exactly the right stuff and balance the weight correctly or deal with more realistic challenges. While it was funny the first time a party member randomly got picked up and flown away by an eagle it takes a game that was rooted in a rather realistic and educational context and makes it more of a fantasy.

    Some of the new mini games are a lot of fun though and I really love the new art style. Just wish they hadn't change the mechanic so much. I enjoyed one or two runs through the game but after that it just got boring without all the options and depth.
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    That is all
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    They still play the oregon trail game to this date.
    Ardichoke's got it right, except I think he might have been able to bring another grandfather clock.
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    Oh boy! buffalo testicles!
    - they're apples
    Ewww apples

    That's Oregon Trail in a nutshell... and dysentery...which goes nicely with buffalo testicles.
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