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  • ShortyShorty Manchester, UK
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    Jimborae wrote:
    Dan stfu, you were obviously too young to appreciate the might of the Tears ;) :respect:
    Nope. I just hate all that whinging 80's lovesick puppy crap :D

    That's my opinion and yours differs :p
  • JimboraeJimborae Newbury, Berks, UK
    edited January 2006
    csimon wrote:
    Don't you forget about me ...isn't that the song that Simple Minds made popular?

    Err that's in fact totally correct, not Tears For Fears.

    Simple Minds now there's a shyte band if ever there was one. The only thing Jim Kerr had going for him was that he married that fit slut Patsy Kensit. :ukflag:

    Anyways Hard-Fi : Cash Machine
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    I enjoyed it enough to inspire my listening to more hipster laden indie rock this morning, but some classic stuff this time 8.0 out of 10.

    Moving on,

    A little classic hipster indie diddy from Pylon.
  • WagsFTWWagsFTW Grand Rapids, MI
    edited May 2010
    Hmm... interesting hipster indie from the 80s. I liked parts of it, and the guitar melody in parts, but I wasn't crazy about some of the repetitiveness in places. I did like it, but would probably give it a 6.5/10, but if it was live it would probably be a 7/10, because this type of music is always better live.

    The Zutons - Pressure Point. I loved them in 2004. I played them on the old college radio station a lot. I guess the indie music got me thinking of my freshman year of college working the station. I also liked the touch of saxophone in this type of music.

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    Oooh, some Alt-Rock.
    Singer reminds me a bit of Jack White, except less screechy...and I can't decide whether to hate or love that tapatapatapatapa saxophone or not. :| Good overall.

    I hate X/10 scales, so I'll go with one thumb up (out of the 2 down, 1 down, 1 up, 2 up scale).

    Beaches and Friends (The Twelves Remix) by Database vs. French Horn Rebellion
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