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Five reasons you should get a Mac instead of a PC



  • ardichokeardichoke Icrontian Icrontian
    edited July 2010
    I question that netcraft survey. I believe that survey is taking into account all servers period. I was referring more to web hosting servers and the actual Internet infrastructure, both of which is dominated by Linux, BSD and other *nix variants. I can tell you this for sure, you'd be hard pressed to find any router running some form of Windows, routers run *nix based firmwares all the time though. Sure, perhaps not Linux specifically (though they are out there) but still in the same vein.

    You may complain about how fragmented the Linux and/or open source community is, but that's what makes it so versatile. The fact that people develop things in different directions, adapting them for specific tasks, and freely shares their work with each other allows the platform to adapt in a way not possible for Windows or OSX.
  • litenkulitenku Member Maryland Member
    edited July 2010
    Meh, either way, there's BSD in that thar OSX. So what does that say? That the religious wars of RedHat vs. Debian vs. Slackware applies with Linux vs. OSX?

    Oh, and btw, those top 5 reasons to buy a <insert product line here> fit with any <insert product line here>.

    Each of the 5 things mentioned have an immediate counterpoint, however.

    1. Well, but that's true with anything - if you like the Ford Coyote Engine, you're only going to find that in the 2011 Mustang GT. Sure, you can buy the engine separately and hack it into, for example, a Gremlin.

    2. While there may be fewer viruses or other malware written for Mac (and *nix OS's in general), they aren't any less vulnerable to other threats to your computer. They're not any harder to "hack into" than any properly maintained Windows installation...

    3. I've used some very nice tools that integrate with Windows (most of the recent .NET studio IDE's). Other tools get better every day. However, I don't know what specific tools were being referred to in the article...

    4. I wonder if that's a circular argument - Are there better tools because more filmmakers have been convinced that they have to use an Apple and the market is there?

    5. If my video card dies in my PC, I fire up newegg (or any other online retailer) and buy one, knowing that just about anything I plug in will work. Which I can't necessarily say is true for an Apple product. Note that this only applies if I'm out of the AppleCare period...

    There are plenty of other reasons why an Apple isn't the best choice for a user. Most of it falls under the general theme of "customization". My recent experience with the Genius Bar has been fine, but so have been my recent experiences with other PC vendors.
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