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    Fun fact - Step 3 can be used to upgrade a copy of Vista Home to Win 7 Pro, or Vista Ultimate to Win 7 Home, or any permutation you can imagine. No clue if stuff will crop up down the line, but in recent weeks I've done both those scenarios using that simple registry edit.
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    I followed the instructions precisely and still it didnt work... It gave me the not enough space for temp. files error even with 80 of 140 gigs free :(
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    To use with enterprise edition (such as the free enterprise trial to upgrade to full purchased version) changing it to homepremium doesn't work. But changing it to business does:

    Change the key : ProductName from "Windows 7 Enterprise” to “Windows Vista 7 Business”
    Change the key: EditionID from "Enterprise" to “Business”
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    I am trying to clean up a mess. My shops hard drive crashed and I finally called someone to come by and try and save it. He determined the hard drive was bad and had to redo it. I had vista and wanted to upgrade to windows 7 anyways and I already had a Win 7 Pro disk. I could not find it so he said he had an ultimate version he would install and I inquired multiple times if it was ok and he insisted it was. Well You guessed it. By the time windows started yelling at me about having a bogus program I had already installed all my programs, including ones with a limit use timed disk install. I found my Win 7 Pro disk and I am trying to undo this and it is telling me this:
    The following issues are preventing Windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.
    Your current version of Windows is more recent than the version you are trying to upgrade to. Windows cannot complete the upgrade.

    Help. How can I change the date to allow it to upgrade without losing my programs.
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    You can't step down from Ultimate to Pro without a complete flatten and reinstall.

    Sorry. Make your 'friend' do it for you, since it's essentially his fault you're in that situation.
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    There is no way of changing the date of the older Pro version that I have saved in my designated partition to make it look like a newer version?
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    It has nothing to do with the date. You're trying to downgrade from Ultimate to Pro, which can only be done by running a clean install.
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    hi folks! having a few probs here. slightly confused by this... To start, crack open the registry on the release candidate box and navigate to the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version... the screenshot clearly shows HKEY_... folder... what am i missing? How do i get to the right road as it were? Thanks, DX :-)
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    In a Windows RC related email, Microsoft themselves said that the versions of official Windows 7 manufactured version from RC literally was not supposed to be installed except by a clean install and that one literally had its ability to upgrade to Windows 7 while not wiping and reformatting the HDD was clearly stated as hacking. I was, according to Microsoft, part of the group that got onto the RC email list as well as had download permission from Microsoft to download the RC. The link for the RC download in email had a warning that installing an official RC and installing the final Windows 7 could only be done via a clean install involving a wiping and reformatting and install of an official final Windows 7. Suggest taking the files for installing any program installation and all your personal work files, photos, music, etc. and backing them up Acronis's True Image Home or their business backup versions to another HDD with only legal stuff on it.
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    I've been trying out this method above, and hitting a wall each time with error code 0x6
    any help please this urgent eval copy will expire today
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    Just to confirm what ardichoke wrote. I bought a computer with W7 HP installed. By mistake I bought W7 Pro OEM, not an upgrade. Does this procedure will work to do this upgrade?
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    flquerom wrote:
    Just to confirm what ardichoke wrote. I bought a computer with W7 HP installed. By mistake I bought W7 Pro OEM, not an upgrade. Does this procedure will work to do this upgrade?

    No, the OEM disk will not allow you to upgrade in any situation.
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    I am try to upgrade W7-HP notebook (x64 to x64), I have copied W7-Ultimate from company's MSDN CD to an external HD and revised cversion.ini (7077.0 -> 7233.0) and run set.exe from external HD as instructed; but still got the message of "Win7-HP cannot be upgraded to Win7-UL, you can choose to install a new copy...." during the upgrade process.

    What I have done wrong? Any help will be appreciate.
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    These instructions are ONLY for upgrading the Release Candidate to a full install. Your HP has a full install on it already. These do not apply to you.
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    Did you try using Windows Anytime Upgrade? You can open that up by typing "Anytime Upgrade" into the search box on your Start Menu. Type in your new product key and see if it works. If that doesn't work, you are going to either have to purchase an upgrade key or install from scratch.
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    Hi ardichoke and djmeph,

    Thank you for your response.

    Well, I have a W7-UL MSDN DVD, but the key number will not been accept thru Anytime Upgrade.

    My coworker told me, go to "Start", right click on "Computer" slect "Property" and there has a "Change product key" link,in the very bottom, next to the "Product ID"; enter the valied new key, and you will be all set.

    But I just don't have the link appear in my Acer notebook; called 3 different places of Acer support, just end-up gave me a Microsoft hot line number which has no one pick up the phone; Long story short, after tried many different ways, include went thru the "Command Prompt" type in "slmgr.vbs -ipk xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (the product key)" and it seems nothing is work, because I kept get error messages, but suddently after a restart, the "Change Product Key" appears and become available, so that has resolved my issue from there.

    Thank you again, and hope my case could be a helpful reference to someone.
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    Have just followed steps to upgrade from Home Premium to Pro with legitimate volume disk and Key. On each occasion it tells me "your current version of Windows is more recent than the version you are trying to upgrade to"
    Any thoughts?
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    To clarify my last posting. I have purchased a number of new laptops which run W7 Home Premium and have installed new updates on first launch. I wish to upgrade these laptops to W7 Pro using Vol Disk with Key. The message I was receiving initially was that this can only be done through purchasing Windows Upgrade Anytime. After following the above steps using the Reg Editor I now get the message "your current version of Windows is more recent than the version you are trying to upgrade to"
    Any Thoughts
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    This is not about upgrading between versions of Windows 7. This is about upgrading from the release candidate (last stage of beta testing) to the retail version.

    What you want to do is called "Anytime Upgrade", which is a separate process entirely.

    Due to the age of the thread and the rapidly decreasing relevance of the information, I'd recommend we lock this thread to comments.
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    Dear Alex,
    Have you not read any of the subject of this thread? It is totally about upgrading between versions of W 7, initially with the RC but has been used by millions of people who purchase disks from schools or Tiger Direct or other places, but then can't install. It is about how to get around that maddening Anytime Upgrade morass. And JamesG is totally right about getting the message "your current version of Windows....." even when you are definitely running an older version, but change your registry to match the installing version. And I don't think this thread is irrelevant, unless Windows 7 has suddenly become obsolete. I am having the same problem. I have a legit Pro disk but can't install it. I was thinking maybe that, since my Home Premium has the SP1 installed, that my new Pro disk may think it is newer?
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    Actually, you're completely wrong JayneC. I suggest YOU take another look at the subject of this thread.

    "Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to any retail version"

    It's pretty clear from that title that this is about upgrading the Windows 7 RC (which stands for RELEASE CANDIDATE) to a retail version. This does not apply to moving from one retail version to another retail version.
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    For JayneC et. al.

    I had a similar problem of wanting to move between editions. I had a fully licensed W7 pro and wanted to apply my W7 ultimate license from my Technet subscription without doing a reinstall.

    My primary motivation was to gain access to a feature in remote desktop server (RDS) that only takes effect when the server is running either Ultimate or Enterprise editions.

    I tried the anytime upgrade with my TechNet key and was hopeful when it tried to upgrade and seemed busy doing something but my hopes were dashed then eventually the wizard came back with an error indicating that the key provided is for an edition that does not allow for anytime upgrades (Ok I suspected as much but ... come on). After reading around some more on the web I got frustrated and rebooted my machine and resigned myself to having to do without the feature for now until I got a chance to re-install the OS.

    Once the machine came back up it was branded as Ultimate and requested activation. I gladly followed through with the activation and now I have Ultimate edition running on my desktop and the feature I wanted is working as well. I was so glad because who wants to waste a day re-installing all their apps and resetting their work environment.

    So bogus ... why why why does it have to be this way for those who legitimately pay. If I were a pirate I would just have had the enterprise version from the outset and had no worries :(. Damn you Microsoft !!! and thanks to the person on the Windows team that missed this obvious bug.
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    I believe they started the shutdowns of the release candidates in March of 2010, so this thread is very old and very obsolete. I think it might be better to start a new thread (or find an existing thread) on upgrading retail versions, seeing as how it seems a lot of people are looking for answers on this. This thread should be locked.
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    I have the full disk of windows 7 ultimate 32/64 i've done what you asked me to do but it still asking me to go to anytime upgrade. Please, any help?
  • Will this process work in my scenario? I had to re-install Vista for a customer computer that was purchased with Windows 7 Home Premium, then upgrade to Ultimate. Unfortunately, I didn't have a Home Premium DVD and installed Vista Business. Now it won't activate or upgrade.
  • HI Thrax i followed all your steps, but it still doesnt work for me PLEASE HELP!
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