LCD time! Suggestions????

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OK, here is the deal.

I have some cash to spend on computer stuff but I really feel that its not the time to upgrade. Also, my computer suits my needs (even If I always want something faster) . Plus, I want to invest in a future proof part so going dual screen is gonna be my choice.

I have not a lot of room on my desk and I carry my computer around a lot so LCD is the only option. I do everything, games, graphic work, work, etc. I already have a Viewsonic P95F+B wich kicks @ss by the way.

I was looking at the Viewsonic VP171B wich has everything
I want ( although a bit pricey but well woth the $$$ according to the reviews)

What do you guys think???
Any other suggestions? My budget is around 700CDN or 500USD
but i want the best bang for the buck even if its 15in...

Thanks a lot.


  • celchocelcho Tallahassee, FL New
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    i only paid about 540 after tax and shipping for my dell 1901fp. i would get that if i were you. it's 25ms response time, which is good enough for games, there are some out there with 16, but those are all 17 inch (i just saw dell has an 1100 dollar 20 inch with 16ms response time). those 16ms 17 inchers aren't perfect, though. they have a much lower color depth. 16-bit instead of 24-bit. also, the contrast ratio is much lower and brightness, too.

    i think you can get the dell 1901fp for about 575 right now. (10% off special), so i'd check that out.

    hehe, actually. it looks liek the canadian prices are rediculous. maybe you should try ebay. i know there are tons of people reselling these monitors on ebay.

    here's one that will probably end up going for just at 500 plus 40 for shipping.
    you're going to have to pay a bunch of shipping to get it to canada probably, and tehre will be more people bidding on those that people are willing to ship to canada.

    at least consider it, though.

    good luck finding something.
  • SimGuySimGuy Ottawa, Canada
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    Consider Samsung's lineup of LCD displays.

    The Samsung SyncMaster 173T, a 17" LCD with a 0.26dpi, 700:1 contrast ratio (nice and high), 1280x1024@75Hz max resolution, both analogue & digital video connections, 25ms response time and 3 year warranty.

    Available in silver and black.

    $649.00 CDN.
  • MadballMadball Fort Benton, MT
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    That Viewsonic looks good. A 16ms response. Can't get much better than that.
  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Geeky, in my own way Naples, FL Icrontian
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    Three things to look at:

    Pixel size, .264 mm is better than .28+ or .29+ and for games will make one heck of alot of difference.

    Response time, as 17" has a lot more pixels than 15 unless pixel size is a lot larger on 17" than on comparable 15". 16 ms.

    Some folks DO have 16 ms., .264, 24 bit true color depth monitors which to my eye are exactly like the 32 bit capable CRT I had except colder unless set to warmer kelvin temp, and mine has 4 kelvin temp ratings as well as all the above and ran less than $400.00 before sales tax ($379.99). It is NEC LCD1712, decent for price, in fact very decent for price, and and the .16 ms response will make a difference gaiming. Also look at warranty, many LCD makers give 1-3 years, NEC warrantied this one for 5 years.

    If you do not need a digital input, I would look at a currently offered low-end to mid-end NEC if you want something very durable and lasting. Protect the face of the LCD when lugging around, it is not hard like a CRT monitor, not nearly as hard, and is easier to sctratch so use LCD panel cleaner on it. In fact, I simplify things-- most non greasy junk comes off with distilled water spritzed on a soft towel (microfiber, cotton, not paper unless you want a linty LCD and possibly scratched one if you rub hard-- rub very lightly), and water will not hurt the plastic if distilled. That, interestingly enough, is what the electric CD restorers use, pure distilled water for lube as restorer works. I have a NEC lcd1712, in Linux 24 bit looks like Windows 32 bit, which looks like 32 bit on my fresh XP install which I just ended up spending many hours updating and am about to back up AND save a restore point of.

    Lets just say the Java VM thing forced me to move also, not TOO grudgingly, as I run it in full Classic mode with background of choice. And LCD was sensible also for electric cost, so did the LCD first and will out of 98 SE before the December 23, 2003 REVISED by Microsoft deadline (changed from December 15, 2003) for pulling lots of stuff out of all support service channels(everything with embedded Java VM in it) or rereleasing some new versions of old without Java VM where they CAN.
  • celchocelcho Tallahassee, FL New
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    a good article about lcd technology.

    it's just now becoming slightly dated, but it is a good read if you're about to buy an lcd monitor.

    ageek, how does pixel size affect gaming at all? response time is about all that matters, i guess contrast ratio and brightness, too, but those are of general importance, too.

    i had a samsung 191T until i got this dell. the samsung was a good monitor, but next to the dell it has a much colder color temp (redder). it had a lot of trouble with moving grays. a harrier in Desert combat would have no visisible details. it was all just a blur of gray. it's certainly not so bad that it's unplayable, but there is a big difference between this dell and the samsung across all colors as far as visible response time. the sky looks much better and less blurred flying on this dell and trees are sharper when you look around or fly.

    my two cents...
  • NoFutureNoFuture In a 3D world...
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    Thanks a lot!!!

    The Dell is too expensive, My credit card is very reticent to buy on ebay (aka father). the 173T look kinda good but still inferior to the viewsonic.

    I'll check all that info but I still feel like going with the vp171b.
    Seems good, on paper, seen good reviews, looks awesome and has two input wich could really be useful for me.
  • TemplarTemplar You first.
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    NEC MultiSync 2010X! :D

    I love this thing to death. 20" of bliss. NEC doesn't have it on their site anymore though :(
  • NoFutureNoFuture In a 3D world...
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    This nec seems nice but probably too expensive for me.
    I have almost seetled my choice on the viewsonic but I still hesitate, this is a big buy and I don't really want to screw up.
  • EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK Icrontian
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    Apparently the Hercules LCD is the best out at the moment. Check Toms Plague guide or Hexus....

  • NoFutureNoFuture In a 3D world...
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    OMG :eek2: :eek2: :eek2:

    Found it at 520$ at

    Plus, they carry the 9800 pro for 290$.
    This is gonna be a nice christmas gift from me to me.

    EDIT: Shame on me its in USD.:bawling:
  • SimGuySimGuy Ottawa, Canada
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    PC Canada in T.O. carries the VP171B for $694.99 CDN...

    And the BBA Radeon 9800 Pro for $379.99 CDN..
  • NoFutureNoFuture In a 3D world...
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    That is where I planned to buy it, but guess I will forget the Radeon for now. I'll stick with my good'ol GF3 a bit longer.
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