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I have been a clear wire customer for a year now. I call tech support on numerous occasions and they tell me the same BS "sir try moving your modem to a different location " ect.... well you get the picture. Since I'm in a at&t area I have no choice. so can anyone recommend a better ISP.



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    I have no idea where you are but im guessing your in a rural area.

    You do have choices there are independent wireless isp's out there that work to deliver you a fast, consistent reliable connection.

    3G/4G are doomed to never being more then a bad internet experience for your phone. The speeds company's are offering far exceed technology and spectrum limitations.

    Another member here "Good/Kevin" built a 60 footer a few years ago to get internet from his local wisp.


    If the local wisp in your area is a member of wispa you should be able to find them listed somewhere here.

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