Cars you've owned throughout the years



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    flip I want that grady.
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    Now on to the cars that have been MINE! The truck and boats previously listed have all been owned by my dad. Now on to my first car:

    1985 Chevy Blazer 2-door 2.8L V6 S-10 (short, two door body style). The picture is of a GMC Jimmy, but the two were identical.


    What a complete piece of shit. Was originally my Grandmother's town and beach car, she gave it to me when I got my drivers license at 16. One of the most uninspired and fucked up cars I have ever driven. The radio was loose in the dash, having completely ripped out the mounting frame on one side, so that if you hit a bump of any size half the speakers would stop working until you punched, literally, the face plate of the radio. The car would also die on left hand turns unless you played the throttle just right. More than once I was left stranded in the middle of an intersection with a flooded engine refusing to start again. The weak engine would push you at about 90 MPH, downhill on the interstate. Uphill? CHUG CHUG CHUG 60 MPH max. Had horrible gas mileage, but when gas is less than $1, you don't really complain.

    After just over a year, my grandparents wanted the car back so they could give it to my sister (who managed to ruin the suspension and transmission in about 4 months). They offered me a deal: any car I wanted, as long as they approved and it came from a dealership they trusted i.e., they knew the owners.

    I really wanted a BMW 3 series. No go. Ford Mustang GT? Nope, my grandmother thought the owner of the dealership treated his family badly. Chevy Camero? Nope, they wanted me to get a damn Aztec instead. Finally I settled on a Honda or Mitsubishi of some model. Honda was out cause the Civic didn't come standard with 4-wheel disc brakes and was only a 4 banger (another rule of theirs, cars must have all wheel disc brakes and at least a v6). That left the Mitsubishi dealership, which was owned by a good friend of theirs.

    My first (and only) NEW car with ~9 miles on it:

    2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 205 hp v6


    I was 17 and completely in love with this car. It hauled ass, handled like a dream, had a pretty nice stock audio system, got decent gas mileage for the power (23/30 rated, managed to get 38mpg on the highway though) and the girls loved it. It also was one of the first cars with a "sport-tronic" transmission; it was an automatic with a +/- gear selector offset to one side of the "Drive" setting. I treated this car like SHIT. Never changed the oil, checked the engine, put air in the tires...NOTHING. Still ran like a damn champ and was still running great in 2007 when I traded it in. Notice, it ran great, it looked great, but the car was a Chrysler with 100k+ miles and falling apart. The Mitsubishi engine was showing its age, but still had another 100k on it. As the damages...the AC was leaking through the firewall into the floorboards, mainly drivers side, the sunroof developed a leak and was sealed shut to prevent future water damage. The electrical system was starting to go, radio/stereo was iffy at best if it would work and the passenger seat was no longer movable to allow people in the back seat. I had a lot of good times in that car and I still miss it today, especially when I get on a freeway/interstate highway in my next car...

    Traded in the Eclipse GT for a 2002 Honda Civic EX 5-spd (black) with 58k miles on it in 2007.


    This is the car I still have today, this is the car I drove from Florida to Michigan and back Icrontic LAN 2008 with DogDragon. This is my first manual transmission car and short of getting a truck, I cannot see myself going back to an automatic transmission ever again. I love this car. It gets me everywhere I want to go efficiently (40+ mpg @ 55-65 mph, 35+ mpg in town), safely and quick and nimble like. The low end acceleration is great, making the car quick and nimble under 50 mph which is great for LA traffic. Car now has almost 135k miles on now and is still kickin. Engine started making noises on the drive from Florida to California and right now I am just hoping it lasts long enough for my girlfriend to get a new car so I can have her current one (2006 VW Jetta POS low end model). Love this car to death and will be very sad to see it go sometime in the next year or so.

    Hopefully I can get pictures of the actual vehicles we still own (Civic, 208 Adventure) uploaded soon.
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    csimon wrote:
    flip I want that grady.

    I've come to the conclusion that if I ever buy my own boat, it will be a Grady-White, even if they are 25-60% more expensive than comparable boats per class. They are worth the extra cost and that boat, the 208 Adventure, has brought us home on days when big sportfishers and shrimp boats are calling out MAYDAY's over the radio. We just keep chuggin along. Its not fast, its not stylish, and the layout it a bit odd at times, but you can't kill the damn things and they will not sink, ever. The second boat is now almost 19 years old, 19 years of hard fishing, kids, family, drunken island campout weekends, hauling it by trailer all over Florida (anywhere from Pensacola to Key West), me hitting sandbars doing 30 kts...ooops. It keeps tickin. Might have to replace the engine soon, as it is over 1200 hours now and at that point we might replace it with a new 18' Grady center console or a 16'-18' bay boat by scout, pathfinder or maverick.

    Once saw a Grady that had hit a buoy @ 35 kts, still managed to get back to the dock, at speed and never sank even when sitting still. I would say about 40% of the forward starboard panel below and above the water line was gone (drivers seat forward).
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    pigflipper wrote:

    I totally forgot that I had one of these. It was somewhere in between my first Ranger and the Lumina. Mine was baby blue. When the engine died I trailered it down to South Carolina and sold it for $2000. They pay big money for good chassis because they race them down there.
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    csimon wrote:
    Which car did you prefer, the chevelle or the charger? While I had my 402hp 454headed SS Malibu my best friend had the 440 magnum charger. I drove each. I appreciated the handling and high output of the chevelle but the charger seemed more powerful. I remember the positracion and giving it some pedal on a turn and the damn thing straightened out on me.
    Anyway, the R/T felt more powerful but the SS handled better in my opinion.
    Nice cars Goat.
    The Chevelle wasn't a bad handler till I put some Lakewood traction bars on it to stop the wheel hop under heavy launches. Then it handled like a real pig. The GM's were notorious about wheel hop due to the long portion of leaf spring in front of the axle. The Charger had less than 1/2 the amout of leaf forward of the axle that the Chevy did and never needed anything extra for traction control. The Chevy after installing traction bars was a real "burn out king". Even though the Charger weighed a bit more it just had a lot more raw muscle. As I recall from the time slips at the track the R/T was over 1 second quicker in the 1/4 mile than the SS. I wasn't into anything more than going straight when I owned those cars anyway. Twists and turns was why I got the Europa. :p
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    I also just found out yesterday that the 2013 GT500's were unveiled. They have 650HP as compared to the 550HP of the 2012. The tail lights are also really cool on the '13 and there are more improvements including a "launch control" feature. So I was able to cancel my '12 order and change it to a '13 model. I will have to now wait till around May sometime for my new car. But I think 650HP, 600lb/ft of torque and 200MPH will be worth it!

    Here is a link to some info on the 2013 GT500.
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    Mt_Goat: OOOOO! Do Want! Keep us informed and post pics once you get it!
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    Let me start off here, with the first car I drove regularly, which was my Dad's car. A 1969 Toronado, which was pretty cool for a 15 year old to be driving.


    My Dad was getting ready to go back overseas in the fall of 1972 and was worried about the Toronado being reliable while he was gone, so he bought a 1973 Javelin something like this one.


    In the spring of 74 I went off to college and my Grandma gave me her old car, which was a 1963 Studebaker Lark something like this one. It was a real bomb, but it was wheels.


    The summer of 74 I went and worked offshore that summer and right before school started I bought my first new car, a 1974 Gremlin. It was actually a pretty fun car to drive and it could hold a cut down 55 gal drum with an iced down 16 gallon keg in the back :D


    I kept that car until 1977 when I was working, when I drove by the Pontiac dealership and saw a Trans Am sitting on the lot much like this one. I drove off with it that day. That was a fun car to drive and it handled surprisingly well for a live axle car. It also had a 400 Pontiac motor instead of the 403 Olds engine and still had some decent performance. I estimate it could get to around 140 mph top end.


    While owning that car I went to work for a company that provided company cars, so I didn't have to worry much about anything new to drive until the mid 80's, when I bought a Jeep CJ8 Scrambler used. That Scrambler was a real hoot to drive and own. It was tough as nails and easy to work on too. I'd still have it if my damn stepson (that piece of crap) hadn't rolled it and tore it to shit while I was offshore.


    My next car was after I got married and needed something with 4 doors. I ended up leasing, then buying outright after the lease was up, a 1988 Mazda 323 sedan. That car was a good one and lasted me 11 years


    My next car was a nice ride, a 1997 Nissan 240sx, which I bought new in 1999. My daughter still drives that car and it still runs well.


    That one lasted me until 2008, when I gave the Nissan to my daughter. I replaced it with a 2007 Mazdaspeed 6, which I'm still driving.


    I haven't covered the cars and trucks my wife has had, just my wheels.
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    That Trans-Am was a great car, my dad had one when I was born. Had to sell it. His was a 79. The 403 Olds only came in California though, I believe the 400 Pontiac was more common... unless you bought it in Cali.
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    No, they sold the 403 Olds version in the other states besides Cali too. I had a friend that had a Smokey themed car (black & gold stripes/lettering, t-top with the big chicken on hood) 4 speed that came with the 403. My auto tranny 400 Poncho would smoke his ass in the 1/4 mile, which chapped his ass to no end.:D
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    muddocktor wrote:
    No, they sold the 403 Olds version in the other states besides Cali too. I had a friend that had a Smokey themed car (black & gold stripes/lettering, t-top with the big chicken on hood) 4 speed that came with the 403. My auto tranny 400 Poncho would smoke his ass in the 1/4 mile, which chapped his ass to no end.:D

    You are right, what I was thinking is that all Trans Ams sold in California had to have the 403 because it was emissions legal. I guess it was sold in other states too. The Pontiac 400 is still a beast of a motor. My dad makes a Multi-Port fuel injection conversion for that engine. We also do dual throttle body systems for the dual quad intakes. Those are always fun to work with.
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    My first car was a trip. I bought a 1989 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo. It had slashed leather seats and what I later figured out was probably a jheri curl stain on the drivers side interior roof. It had an in-dash touchscreen computer, a cellphone(analog), and dual climate control.

    Best $1500 I ever spent. It only worked for about a year. It was towed out of my driveway by a collector that wanted the interior components.

    My next car was a venerable 1994 Buick LeSabre. Nothing special about this car, although it was totaled during a car theft.

    This car went on for about 3 years until I had to replace it due to similar electrical issues that plagued the olds.

    I then moved on to my current car, a Pontiac G6:
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    None of these are pics of the actual car I owned and a much less storied history than some of the other posters:

    1995 Lincoln Towncar - free
    Great fun in this car. 8 people comfortably on two bench seats for trips to the beach with a huge trunk. Would have been the perfect car for hookups, but I was a naive and misguided teenager. All black exterior with all black leather interior made for scalding temps during the summer in TX though. Stock sound system was pretty good, some improved setup by default.

    (Those are not the stock rims ... why people spend so much money on rims for such a shitty car is beyond me)

    1997 Acura Integra GSR - my love of sporty two doors begins with a VTEC
    I loved this car and learned to drive stick on it. Probably killed the clutch because of its age, but after replacing that ~6 months into owning it, the thing was pretty good. A/C got spotty but it was fun to drive with the windows down anyways. The subs my older brother gave me made this car insane (truck-sized subs in a hatchback = lulz ensued). However, this car (Integra line) is top 10 stolen in the US and this particular (GSR) was stolen for its engine, as it could be dropped into a whole host of other vehicles. That is how it ended for me. Stolen from my apt and stripped less than 24 hours later. I recovered a frisbee, ice scraper, and cell phone charger.


    2006 Scion tC - the "I had to buy a car in one day to replace my stolen one"
    Not a bad car, but certainly not the Integra. Gets me places and that is all. /meh
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    (These first few pics are as close as I could find through Google Image search of cars that look like those I had, but I owned all these cars before I had a digital camera, so I don't have photos of my own first few vehicles)

    My first car was a 1975 Dodge Dart Sport (basically a Plymouth Duster with a Dart nose). I had this car when I was 15, in AZ, and drove it with my learner's permit.

    Then I moved to Ohio and my parents found a deal on a 1986 VW Scirocco. Nice car, until the hood came unlatched at 50MPH while my stepdad was driving it. My parents got scared for my safety and made me sell it before I even got my Ohio license.

    One day we passed a 1973 Mercury Marquis that was for sale on our street. It looked exactly like the one my parents had driven from Arizona to Ohio when we moved. Turns out, it was. I bought it and drove it during my junior year of high school, but I still only had an Ohio permit so I was not able to park at school. Also, the car was wider than the lanes and parking spaces on campus. We called it "The Beast" and it had a 460ci 4-bbl that got 8MPG.

    After that I bought a $300 1986 Chevy Cavalier. This car got me through the first half of my senior year of high school. We called it "The Flying Turd" and we had a lot of fun beating the hell out of the car. I sold it for $300 later in the year.

    Then I inherited the 1988 Subaru DL that my parents had been driving. I got in a lot of trouble with this car because it was a 5-speed and a fun driver, despite a distinct lack of power. One of my charges was "Reckless operation on private property" - for an event that actually happened on school property.

    (At this point I got a digital camera, so all the rest of the photos are actually my own vehicles)

    When I started college, my father gave me a 1993 Toyota compact pickup that he had purchased new. It was only a few years old, and had 88,000 miles on it. I expected it to run forever, because it was a Toyota. After two transmission rebuilds and 162,000 total miles on the truck, I sold it on eBay for way too little.

    Somewhere in here I had a couple project cars, a 1968 Dodge Dart that didn't really become a project, a 1972 Valiant that I had two of and a spare 1975 Plymouth Scamp as a parts car, and I had to get rid of them all.
    1968 Dart:
    1972 Valiant:

    In 2003 I replaced the truck with a 1999 Ford ZX2 that only had 6,500 miles on it when I bought it. I bought it for $6900, and it was pretty much a new car at that point. That car lasted me to about 90K miles and could have lasted longer, but in 2007 I had just gotten divorced and wanted to do something nice for myself.

    After my divorce, I leased a 2007 Mazda 3. Great handling, and I loved the styling. I only had it until February of 2009, and turned in the lease early so I could move to California.

    I spent a few months without a car, until a friend offered to sell me her 1999 VW Jetta for the trade-in value that the dealer had offered her. I picked it up for $1500, but it had 143,000 miles on the clock and a slipping transmission. I nursed it along to 146K and eventually sold it to CarMax for $1500 so I could buy a family car.

    My current car is the family car. It's a 2006 Kia Optima. I bought it with 44K miles, for $4,000 and put about $1500 in work into it (it was a prior rental/wreck recovery but a clean title). The biggest expense was dealing with the fact that all they gave me was a single bent copy of a key. I ended up needing a new ignition cylinder, so between the ignition cylinder and the new keys and key fobs I was out about $800, then about $400 in new tires, and a replacement to the cracked A/C Condenser. The car has been trouble free since.
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    pics that work?
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    //edited: fixed pics above.
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    GHoosdum wrote:
    Crap. dropbox gallery is not playing nice to link individual photos :(

    Supposedly here's a public link to the gallery as a whole since I can't link individual photos:

    highlight each file and in the drop down arrow choose "copy public link" and then use the [ IMG ] tags
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    Hi y'all. I'm new to this community so I'll give you a bit of background.

    My very first car at the tender age of 17 was a 1956 Mercedes 219. A big solid old tank with a 2.3 litre straight six weighing 2 1/4 tons A fairly rare model made for the South African market. (I live in New Zealand). As we all know, when we first get our license we think we can drive, but in reality we spend the next 5 - 10 years learning how to drive on the road.

    I had the car for 15 years and during that time I banged into just about everything you could imagine and both the car and myself survived virtually unscathed. I once hit a big bendy bus at 60mph and simply put a kink in the grill giving it the appearance of a wry smirk. ( I then got a personalized plate. SMIRK).

    On one occasion, having failed to take a corner in the wet at 70mph, I leapt a ditch glanced off a large Oak tree and embedded the car up to the rear pillar into the back wall of a church. Still off the ground. About 50feet away. This was about 3am on a Sunday morning. I left the car and walked home. I returned at sun up with a tractor and pulled the car out. The only damage, aside from paintwork, was a bent steering arm. I removed it there, straightened it in a vice and reattached it. I drove away as the first parishioners arrived at 8am. Needless to say I made a sizeable donation to the church. Albeit over installments.

    The worst damage I ever did to it was when I sadly hit a German Shepherd (Dog that is, not a tutonic sheep herder) at 70mph that unavoidably ran out in front of me. It all but ripped the very solid steel front guard right off. That was the only time I had to have the car towed away from an accident.
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    KiwiMutant wrote:
    The worst damage I ever did to it was when I sadly hit a German Shepherd (Dog that is, not a tutonic sheep herder)

    Teutonic and the mental image/word choice made me giggle.
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    Sorry for the spelling. I lapse into American occasionally.
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    KiwiMutant wrote:
    Sorry for the spelling. I lapse into American occasionally.

    Worth it for that comment. Oh man ... I feel bad reading foreign newspapers when they talk about the US ... :/
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    Hahah welcome to Icrontic :D
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    Welcome to Icrontic mate! That's quite the story and after reading it I'm damned sure that your vehicle WAS more of a tank than an automobile. After accidents like that I'm surprised the car still functioned at all, especially considering that I've seen cars totaled simply by hitting each other at Martingrove and Eglinton (One of the most dangerous intersections in Toronto)

    Also don't worry, every non-American slips into it occasionally (EXCEPT THE U's!!!!!!)

    Course, considering my ancestry (And me grandfather's accent) I slip into incoherent Irish-accented ramblings far more often.
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    Yeah, it amazed me sometimes. Back in the day they used to use steel in the bodywork, hence the weight. It was probably the best car for me to learn in though. Anyone on the inside of the vehicle was definitely safe. The South Africans probably used them to charge down Rhinos.
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    I lol'd.

    Now that we're on the topic of car stories there's one that I'd like to share, although it's one of my grandfather's (I don't have any that warrant telling)

    When my grandfather was in his late twenties he worked within Toronto as a communications engineer, and simply for ease of travel he and a group of co-workers would car-pool up to their office. My grandfather had a rental at the time and he was just about to send it back having finally made enough money to purchase his own car.

    So now that background is done the story.

    My grandfather was driving back from work with his car-pool buddies and the downtown area was flooded with traffic, in order to circumvent this my grandfather decided to take a detour through the Canadian National Exhibition, well at the time the city was re-cementing the roads and for whatever reason (Lazy road workers!) there was no wet cement sign along the main stretch of road. Well about halfway along the car began sinking into the cement, not willing to lose the car to the road my grandfather gunned it across the entire remaining stretch of road collecting wet cement on the cars underbelly and leaving a massive stretch of tire tracks across the roadway.

    He got everyone back OK and even managed to trade in the car as it was, of course as he put it 'Some unlucky sod had to take a chisel to the car's underside'
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    I guess thats one way of adding ballast to the car, and probably cemented the friendship with his car pooling buddies.
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  • best car ive own was a nissan 720 pick up
  • KiwiMutantKiwiMutant Dannevirke, New Zealand
    After my prolonged affair with the '56 Mercedes I owned a further three Mercs. I followed the '56 with a 1965 250s. I owned this for only a year before replacing it with a beautiful 1975 350SEC 2 door pillarless. That was a fantastic car. I could get to 90mph in first gear, bung it straight into 4th and the acceleration still pushed me into my seat. I didn't do that too often though. The car demanded more respect than that. A large step on the corporate ladder enabled me in 1987 to buy a brand new 300CE. It was too nice and I felt a lot of the time like I was wallowing around so I tended to drive the 250 mostly.

    In 1989 I had enough of the suit and tie life, so I chucked it all in, sold up and bought a one way ticket to London. I got a job in a hotel in Guildford. After a couple of months I lucked upon a 1981 TVR 280i. I had this for a year and drove it from one end of the UK to the other. It was great. It was just so ugly and slow and uncomfortable but had these strange quirks. The anti theft device consisted of sensors that picked up movement to about 3 feet and if you got too close this loud American accented voice would say "You are too close to the vehicle. Please step away." This really freaked me out. I've never encountered one of these before. Or since. The voice would go on to varying levels of threat. Eventually it would sound the alarm. We spent a few occasions sitting in the bar listening to peoples reactions as they got verbally assaulted by a car.

    After leaving the UK I drove into Europe. I sold the TVR in Germany and caught a train to Prague. This was early '91 so not long after the wall came down. Prague had not been westernised yet. I got a job in a Jazz bar 'Agharta' ( don't know if it's still there )and an apartment which was actually a couple of rooms in a families home. They occupied the rest of it. It was then I bought the car I am most ashamed of. A Trabant 601. 2 cyl 2-stroke. It created more pollution than a fleet of lorries and the noise was horrendous. It did drive me round for nearly a year, though. When it did eventually die I just gave the keys to a guy in the street and wished him luck.

    I didn't get my next car until I returned to NZ, much the poorer (in money only).
  • DontCallMeKelsoDontCallMeKelso Kelso 'The Great Asshole' San Jose, CA Icrontian

    Alrighty time to introduce my cars since we were talking about all of this on mumble tonight.

    First up I had a 1990 Volvo 240 DL, this was by far my favorite car apart from my current. This thing seemed like a boat on the inside but was compact on the outside. I used to rally this car up and down Page Mill to 35 when I was bored cause it could handle it. This one time while I was heading down Page Mill an Audi in front of me was going so slow that they pulled over for me.
    I actually bought this car from my friend, he was buying his first BMW M3 and wanted to sell the car but keep it within the "family" as it were. So I bought it and it was the best 3 and a half years of car ownership... It ended one night when I hydroplaned, fishtailed, and drove up a barrier... bent the frame, thing still drove, just not straight.

    Car number 2, Volvo number 2. 1989 Volvo 780. This was my only and probably will be my only time owning a "rare" car. Only 5,200 or so were built and it was just a beautiful car... Unfortunately it just had problems from the get go and died on me. It was a fun car, had its problems but still fun.

    My latest car, number 3. A 2013 MINI Cooper Hardtop.
    I love it, don't care what people say about it, its been an amazing car, gets awesome mileage, can park it anywhere in the Bay Area cause it fits everywhere. I love this car. I'm so happy I bought it, and I bought it new. It was my gift to myself for getting out of QA (that lasted a whole year lol). It's still going strong after almost 3 years, and 40k miles. Love it to bits.

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