[BLOG] Stop unboxing already!!

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A short rant,

How many videos do you see online with some nerd unboxing the latest motherboard, graphics card or game console? He will open the item for the first time and say, oh look its the cables, oh look the instruction manual, oh look the quality of that cardboard sleeve. Unboxing internet video nerds, for the love of Pete, fucking stop it already!!

Who started this awful time suck of a trend? Its a waste of bandwidth, its a waste of time and its just old. All I want to know is about the product, I don't care if it came in some hipster package that Steve Jobs created. Its a box, we have seen one, its cardboard, and sometimes its an enfuriatingly hard layer of plastic that takes a visit to your local firehouse so you can borrow the jaws of life to penetrate it. We get it, we have all opened shit before, we don't need an instructional video for you to show us how and then remind us that yes, these things come with instructional manuals that absolutely nobody will read.

New rules, take the thing out of the box before you talk about it. The product and its features are the only thing that matters, not the package it comes shipped in.

End of rant.


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  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
    Are there people that love unboxings in general? Every once in awhile, when it's a device I actually want, I'll take a look at the photos.
  • I have to think Thrax is kidding. Right?
  • UPSLynxUPSLynx :KAPPA: Redwood City, CA Icrontian
    I get super excited about new products when I order them, and typically I watch as many videos and look at as many product photos as I can.

    But unboxing videos seem pretty needless and annoying.

    There was a time when I liked them, but I realized that I enjoyed the surprise of opening the box myself, and discovering the contents on my own action. Probably a stupid reason for not liking unboxing videos, but that's the way it is.

    Anymore, these videos seem needlessly excessive.
  • PetraPetra Palmdale, CA USA
    I completely agree... and I get especially annoyed when reviewers waste a bunch of time/article space doing unboxing junk and, with things like video cards and motherboards, then don't even bother to take the stock coolers off of stuff!! Grr...
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
    I am not a fan of unboxing.
  • It's all about the packaging baby!
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