Overclocking this M4A78 PRO + 1055T questions.

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My PC currently has the Asus M4A78 PRO motherboard and a 6 core 1055T. It runs at 2.80 Ghz and has been ok so far. Not great, but ok.

I was looking at the overclocking settings in the BIOS today, and have some questions. First, the BIOS isn't all that clear on OC settings, like my Gigabyte EP45-DS3R MB was. This has more options. But is more vague too.

I made a few small changes, like raising the memory from the 667 Mhz class to 800, and raising the FSB to 220, but even though I raised the multiplier from 14 to 14.5 and 15 a couple times, it still shows as 14 in CPU-Z 1.60.1 and Coretemp 1.0 .

I disabled the spread spectrum for both the CPU and PCIE, as I read it was detrimental for overclocking. I left the voltages alone for now.

The 2 main problems I have now are:

1. About a minute after I restart the PC and open CPU-Z and Coretemp, the CPU speed will drop from 3080 - whatever to 880 Mhz in both monitoring programs. I think this is one of those features that downclocks the CPU when it doesn't really need to be running fast. How do I disable it, at least temporarily?

2. And why won't the FSB multiplier change? I downloaded and read through the Asus manual for this mb, and didn't find any clear answers.

And no, I am not running IE6 on this PC.


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    2) 1055T is locked (upwards) at 14x
    1) in advanced->cpu configuration, disable cool'n'quiet
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