Watermelon, Feta, Cilantro & Red Onion Salad

one234hone234h Downingtown, PA [USA]
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So I picked a stray piece of feta off my daughter's watermelon-strewn high chair tray and popped it in my mouth.
Sweet pony of Sierra Leone-y was that effing delicious!

A few internetz later I found this. It's okay- take a moment and check it out. There are seriously only four ingredients to it, and the ratio of the ingredients is actually "to taste" across the board.

It's hot enough to be summer in PA and I've never had this before. I've never heard of this before. And frankly, I feel cheated. To think of all the Memorial Day, Labor Day, & Independence Day picnics at which I could've been lounging in the shade, dining sumptuously on a bowl of this...

There's no reason I should let the cycle continue. Here you are.


  • AnnesAnnes Tripped Up by Libidos and Hubris Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    Thank you, sir! I will love it.
  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    That looks delicious ... you could even eat it on chips
  • one234hone234h Downingtown, PA [USA]
    @Annes & @Tushon,

    The mixture is quite potent. You have to like watermelon and feta. There are recipes that add other herbs including parsley and basil among other things, both of which usually have an evening effect over the taste. Let me know if you have this, and what you think.
  • maliamalia Sconnie Nation Icrontian

    I have been making almost this same salad for a couple years - mint is another good substitute for the cilantro-phobes (plus the extra can be used for mojitos!). Also, try marinating the red onion in a little bit of white wine vinaigrette (1 part white wine vinegar: 3 parts olive oil, pinch of salt/pepper) for a bit before adding the rest of the ingredients; I think it cuts down on the potency a bit.
  • WagsFTWWagsFTW Grand Rapids, MI Icrontian
    Yum! Definitely going to try this with the giant watermelon we got from the store! May change it a little with the parsley I have and experiment with it.
  • one234hone234h Downingtown, PA [USA]
    edited May 2012
    @malia That's so funny you mention the onions. As I was eating it last night, I knew I wanted to modify the red onion somehow. I had only considered "wilting" it a bit first, or something. I will definitely do that next time.

    @WagsFTW Yeah, I need something to "bring it together" more for me. It almost needed to sit in the bowl a bit & have the flavors unify a bit. Parsley is another thing I want to add next time. Let me/us know what you come up with!
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