NewerTech Voyager S3 USB3 hard drive dock

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    These are extremely useful devices. Back when I was on the restore team at work, every team member was assigned one of these which we lovingly called toasters. Man did they ever make our jobs infinitely easier when recovering data from a dying or exploited drive.
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    that's the one i have, pretty neet:
    can be plug with usb2 or eSata, i managed to boot up my laptop from the harddrive plugged in that toaster (yup i also call them toasters)
  • HOW can this be a startup drive? It took partitioning when I used Mac Leopard System DVD to format it, but after three tries, I still get a ...Installation not successful: cannot be used as a startup drive ... message. What am I doing wrong?
    Do I first have to mount my hard drive INSIDE my Mac Dual-Core G5 PowerPC, try to load Leopard, THEN take it out of the computer, and use it in the dock?
    Guys, I need your help.
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    Mac people? Can a Mac be set to boot off USB?
  • ardichokeardichoke Icrontian
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    Yes, Mac can boot off USB (for instance, a bootable USB Linux distro), but I have no idea if OSX will allow you to install it to an external drive. My instincts would say no because Apple doesn't want you to install OSX on anything except the drive in a Mac.

    EDIT: I retract my above instinctual statement. See here:
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