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Ok so here's the deal. My lease is up at the end of this month, my roommate is moving out, I want to move to Springfield, Mo. to start school. I've tried everything I can think of (craigslist, roomster, facebook) to find someone with a room available or someone who needs a roommate willing to look for an apartment and so far that's not getting me anywhere. I can't really afford to get a 1 room place by myself. I have 15 days before I don't know what will happen. Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about finding roommates?


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    Paging @WagsFTW. I believe she has helped other IC members with similar situations.

    Good luck in your search sir!

  • One thought is to go to the campus(es) that you want to go to school at, or that are near by, and look for posted ads on polls, walls, bathrooms, etc. for roomate wanted.
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    I saw several searching-for-roommate listings on Springfield, MO's craigslist. You mean you don't want to share housing with all-caps-bad-spelling person or recently-widowed-mid-50s-lady?
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    All caps bad spelling I can deal with, the ones that sound like a good option have generally not replied to my emails, texts, or answered their phone. One that would work sent me an email yesterday morning saying they wanted to meet up on Saturday but did not leave me a phone number and has not yet responded to the email I sent back or called me. It's quite frustrating.
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    I hope things turn out well for you Canti. Gonna miss you at Epic :(
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    Update for today because stuff happened, stupid stuff. A person I got an email from on Thursday who was looking for a roommate called me at 8:30 Friday and said they would be in town Saturday. We talked for a few minutes and decided to meet up some time today but they weren't sure when they would be available. 8 AM this morning I went to Springfield (120 miles away). Called about an hour before I got there to let them know when I'd be in but only got their voice mail, told them to call when they can. Went and looked over 2 apartments and hadn't heard back yet so called again, no answer. About then I got a text from someone else I had sent an email to who said they had a room available and wanted to know more about me. Perfect timing, I think, I'm already in town and now have two possibilities. The guy tells me he's at work but will be off at 4 and wants to get a picture to prove that I wasn't "some 40 year old 300 pound bum" because apparently that had happened to him already. My phone doesn't have a camera so I can't do that and let him know. Check out more places while waiting for person one to call me. Start picking up job applications and writing down the addresses of places I might be able to find work and just generally get to know my way around town since I rarely go there. About 3 PM try calling person one again, no answer. Go have lunch. At 4:30 person two is off work and hasn't called or text me so I call them, no answer, leave a voice mail for them to call me when they can. 2 hours go by and haven't heard from either person so call them both again, both no answer. It's about 7 now and I'm frustrated so I just go for a walk around a park for awhile and wait. Call again, still no answers. At 8 I send them both texts to call me as soon as they can if they still want to meet up because I have to leave in about an hour. No calls, no texts, nothing. 9 PM I get gas, roll the windows down, and blast this at full volume going 80 mph directly into a huge thunderstorm raging off in the distance.

    Feel better then.
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    Buncha. Dics.

    Sucks mate, hopefully round two goes about better.

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    Sent you some options. Looks like there are some apartments fairly reasonable and rooms available within your price range. Hope you hear back from some people! I'll keep looking for you.
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    Wags is best research. Real talk.
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    I do my best. Research is one of my strengths. :)
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    Update since this is the reason I missed EPIC. Last week I made the drive again and looked at a room a guy was renting out in his basement. $200/month, no issue with taking my dog, and willing to rent month to month so I can look for something better without getting locked into a long term deal. Sounds great...then I got there. Now, if you want to smoke weed erry day that's fine and all but this guy gave me the impression that he's smoked weed erry hour for the last 15 years. There were syringes on the kitchen table for what I assume was either diabetes or heroin and with all the soda cans littering the floor I have doubts about the former. The room itself wasn't much larger than my closet is right now and stapled to the wall are dozens and dozens of empty bags of weed that he tells me he puts up as a way to remind himself of how much he spends on weed with the idea that he'll cut back on it and save money. On the other half of the basement he shows me where he's raising the chickens. So that place was pretty cool. A few days later I went back to look at 2 other places. The first one was a really nice place but the guy living there wasn't comfortable with the idea of bringing my dog because of how small it is and after seeing it I had to agree. The second place is basically 2 half rooms upstairs in a 43 year old guys house. It's kind of a rundown old house and I was hoping to room with someone closer to my age but it's livable, affordable, can be a short term place, and I can bring my dog (in fact my dog will have his 4 month old puppy to play with) so at this point it looks like what I'm going to take at least for a month or two. Still going to be looking for a more permanent place since the more I think about it the more I'm not looking forward to living there but I don't have many other options at this point. At least I can start looking for a job again and being in the area will make it easier to find a better place not to mention I'm looking forward to finally getting out of this dumpy little part of Missouri I've spent the last 20 years living in. It should be an interesting couple of weeks coming up.
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    You can do it duder. All else fails, we all have couches. Although mine belongs to my roommate, so once she moves out pretty soon here you've got the floor, hahah.
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    Adventure! Excitement! Really wild things!

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    More updates because shit is random as fuck and changes daily. Since I planned to make the place I had settled on temporary I've still been looking for other places for the end of next month. Yesterday one popped up that was actually the same guy I had talked to about 3 weeks ago. When I talked to him before the deal was that 3 of them were renting a house but that one of them didn't look like he was going to come up with his share of the money so they needed a replacement. It sounded like we had come to an agreement but he wanted to give the other guy a few more days to come up with the money. 3 days later he called me and said the 3rd guy was going to pull through and I was out of luck. Jump to yesterday morning and I see this same ad saying he never did come up with the money and they still needed a 3rd person. I called him back and set up a time today to meet them and check the place out. It's closer to the school, less expensive than the temp place I was going to take, and in quite a lot better condition. I contacted their landlord and went over the whole thing with him. My deposit and first month rent has been paid and I can start moving in this weekend. Also there is a fenced in back yard where this idiot will be able to happily run around.

    In celebration of this turn of events......

    Thanks again to Wags for all the help she's given me during this search.
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    Congrats man, glad you don't have to stress over that I'm sure.
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    Happy you have a place, Canti.
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    So, so, so glad you found something. I can't believe how much bad luck you had with Craigslist this go around! There are some crazies in Missouri!! Really happy you can finally relieve that stress. Take pictures when you move in!
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    Haha I read all of this and am happy for you and the mut. I have one too. Congrats and post pics.
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    well done sir!
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    That sounds like a good problem to have
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    Time for the yearly update I think.

    Two years ago next month I moved to Springfield Missouri to begin the core classes for my bachelors of science in physics at Missouri State University. Since then I have completed 13 courses toward my degree and am nearly done with the 14th which, hilariously, is the class I had recently received an incomplete grade at the time of my last post a year ago. I have until June 6th to finish the final project and receive a grade or it defaults to an F. I spent 6 hours this morning at the science department working on it with occasional advice from the instructor. Tomorrow morning I go back in until it's finished or I have to go to work. If I don't finish it tomorrow this routine will continue until I do. I will finish this project.

    The research job I got at the science department last summer didn't turn out to be quite what I was expecting but I learned a lot from it and gained some good experience. While the work I was doing is some really interesting stuff with the potential to revolutionize technology it's still a very new field of study and is highly experimental. For me personally this is a problem because I'm the kind of person who needs to see some kind of progress or impact from my efforts and most of the time the results we were getting from experiments were less than impressive. Most weeks would consist of running experiments every day and doing a lot of waiting which at the end of the week would result in learning nothing more than, "We need to try something else." Interesting but also very tedious and unrewarding. The good things from this are the fact that I now realize that experimental research is likely not my thing but I do have some experience in it and that's not something a lot of people can say. Furthermore I was able to give a presentation on my work at the University of Arkansas last October which was neat. Since that presentation I haven't been in the lab much due to other obligations with work and classes but I expect to spend some time this summer catching up with the rest of the team to see what kind of progress has been made in my absence.

    A week after I moved to Springfield I got a job interview at Subway and was hired as a "sandwich artist". That job didn't last long due to reasons mentioned drawn in the above comments and at this moment I am more than happy with that because the job interview I got one week after being fired from Subway has lead to the best job (outside of Boy Scout Summer Camp) that I've ever had. In September 2012 I was hired as a cashier at a Wal*Mart Neighborhood Market that would open in October. Since 3 weeks before my store opened I have thrown everything I have into doing the best job I can. I literally helped put that store together and spent about the first 7 months as just a cashier working part-time while taking classes. After several months as a cashier I began to realize my ability and work ethic were between somewhat to significantly greater than any other cashier we had and the store management, specifically my direct supervisors (Customer Service Managers, CSMs), had noticed this as well. As a result my store manager came to me one day and asked me if I was interested in working some days in my current job as a cashier and other days as a grocery associate (unloading trucks, stocking shelves, and whatever else is needed at the moment). The hours were about the same as what I had been working and I could only gain experience and become more useful by accepting so I did. As a result I became the main person to call on anytime the front end of the store needs help or there is some project that needs done on the sales floor right that minute.

    I was happy with just that until about last December when I realized that another cashier (Keri) who was hired in November was basically being trained to be a CSM because one of ours was leaving for another job. At that point I decided I wanted to have more responsibility and let management know I was interested in the job also. We were both interviewed and Keri ended up getting the job which I wasn't happy about but I had worked with her long enough that I had respect for her and I knew she could do the job equally as well I could. I still wanted to move into that job but my best chance of getting it at that point would be to transfer to a bigger store which I didn't want to do because I like mine and the people I work with. One of my other supervisors told me it would be smart to hold off on asking for a transfer because she was trying to move back to her old store which would open the job again. I took her advice in hopes that she would get what she wanted and I would be considered again to fill her job.

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