Corsair H80 small question

stealth1111stealth1111 Canada
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the Corsair H80 comes with 2 Fans.. if i put 2 fans i cant close my case

is it ok to put only 1 fan on the H80?

i can close the Case BUT then my computer wont have any exhaust Fans


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    Post your case (preferably with a link to it on newegg or somewhere else with pictures) and the H80, possibly with a diagram illustrating why this is the case.
  • stealth1111stealth1111 Canada
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    i did a stress test on H80 only 1 fan still "realtemp"

    Temp Minimum

    39C 35C 37C 32C

    Maximum Temp

    64C 60C 62C 56C

    Running for 10 min<--- stress test

    i seen people staying 42C underload is there some thing rong with my??


    there is a way i can put 2 fan is, i have to put it to exhaust fan for the H80

    so should i put the fan to intake or exhaust for the H80


    this is what it looks like

    Originally Posted by Eaglesfan251

    Just installed my H80 in the rear of my Antec 900. Can't put the side panel on unless you cut one of the side panel fan mount clips off. I'll post a pic when I get off of work.<----

    he put his fan to exhaust

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