First time sending care package to Afganistan

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I have a friend on the front lines "over there" and he needs peanut butter.

I have absolutely no experience sending a care package, and I'm on a budget, so I don't want to mess this up. He gave me his address, so I have that. Do any of you have experience with sending a care package? Carriers? Rates? Considerations? Please share your experience.


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    @fatcat might have some useful things to say about this.

    Also you can probably ask the people at your local post office.
  • Your best rates will likely be at the post office. Don't pack it too tightly as it will get banged around. Include an internal packing list. Make sure if you send anything else it is "modest" or it will never make it to your friend (no "fun" magazines). Try not to send anything that is under pressure. Also, send baby wipes; they ALWAYS need baby wipes for when they're away from working showers. Do not seal the package before you take it to the post office/shipper. You'll have to fill out a form detailing what is inside the box. Good luck!
  • one234hone234h Downingtown, PA [USA]
    @MomOfRose, baby wipes. Huh, wow: I never would've thought of that, but I will include those.

    Okay, PB, wipes, and I'm thinking jerkey of some sort. It will probably ship cheaply.
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    If you can afford it, a calling card would also likely be appreciated. Not all groups have access to a sat. phone.
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    We shipped a bunch of stuff when a friend deployed.

    Use the USPS flat rate boxes so you can load those mothers down, up to 70 pounds. You should only be shipping to New York. I am guessing he didn't give you a list but asking him to tell you small items he needs or really wants works, including a note on the first package asking if he has an itch would be a good idea if you can do more than one package.

    Some kind of wet wipe, some candy bars or sugar based snacks(think if they will melt), socks, toothbrush, books/mags/dvds/cds(anything he could use for a bit and pass on when he is "done"), jerky, send something personal from you to him besides normal items. You are sending items to him but you are also sending stuff to his friends and the people around him. They might share some items or simply give away a few because of good will.
  • And be wary of the smash-factor. Your box will likely be dropped, kicked, smushed. Anything that could crunch or crumble WILL.
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    Charmin for Sensitive Skin would be better than hundred dollar bills.
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