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My electronics hobby

erichblas2005erichblas2005 Your Native TexanHouston,Texas Member
edited July 2013 in Lifestyle
So I go to my local pawn shop to see if there was anything that I could buy cheap and of value. They have an ( as is ) table with many different things. One item stood out a PS3 slime 120gb for $40 so I asked if there was any way I could do a test run but surprise no power cable. So I kindly offered 35.00 out the door. All thats wrong is the HDD so by by 120 and it so happens I have an old 750gb HDD laying around. In good working order now. Model # cech-2101A


  • erichblas2005erichblas2005 Your Native Texan Houston,Texas Member
    edited July 2013

    Here is the final product. Cleaned & painted black gloss.
    I enjoy bringing life into dead electronics.
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
    Nice find!
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