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Hello again old friends

TBonZTBonZ Ottawa, ON Icrontian
I decided to start contributing to #93 again after a looooong hiatus.

One question though and because I'm way out of the loop, how the hell is Leo pulling off 1.5 mill per day on just 3 clients??? Ridiculous!!!


  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian
    CPU cores as far as the eye can see. When you switch to quad socket motherboards the sky is no longer the limit because you are the sky.
  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Geeky, in my own way Naples, FL Icrontian
    edited October 2013
    Lessee, last I heard Leo had 16 cores folding for one client. One box, Xeon CPUs or AMD CPUs--I THINK Leo has Xeons, could be wrong.

    Edit: AND he is getting high-value beta WUs with his high-core box.
  • KwitkoKwitko Sheriff of Banning (Retired) By the thing near the stuff Icrontian
    Welcome back, Terry.
  • GnomeWizarddGnomeWizardd Member 4 Life Akron, PA Icrontian
    whoa hey terry! welcome back
  • BuddyJBuddyJ Dept. of Propaganda OKC Icrontian
    Hi Terry!
  • csimoncsimon Acadiana Icrontian
    edited October 2013
    Welcome back Tbonz! He's using dual-opterons.
    Perhaps something else to go alone with it idunno. I'm sure he will chime-in, he usually does.
  • TBonZTBonZ Ottawa, ON Icrontian
    Ahhh ok and that makes sense for sure. Aside from Leo and Tushon, I'm in everyone's rear-view but not for long. ;)

    It's great to hear from you guys. :)
  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    He's been away since June, though it would be nice to hear from him again! @Leonardo come hither

    He's using 4P G34s, which falls right in line with my own single 4P box production (~300k PPD by itself).
  • csimoncsimon Acadiana Icrontian
    edited November 2013
    I see you back there. 195 days 'til I'm in your rear-view according to EO future production estimate of the moment. Good to have you back.

    What is your Folding arsenal TbonZ?
  • LeonardoLeonardo Wake up and smell the glaciers Eagle River, Alaska Icrontian
    Welcome back, TBonz. One of our oldtimers! We go wayyyy, back don't we! :)
  • lsevaldlsevald Norway Icrontian
    edited May 2014

    Hi all! Just curious if anyone know when we started folding? I'm guessing between 10-15years ago?

  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    @lsevald !!!!

    Man, it's so good to see you here!

  • lsevaldlsevald Norway Icrontian

    Thanks man! It's really good to see you guys too! Still going strong ;)

  • LincLinc Bard Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Howdy @lsevald! :D I started in late 2002, so I'd guess around 2001 or so.

  • EMTEMT Seattle, WA Icrontian

    You guys got me curious! I found a reference to Icrontic folding from Oct 2001. Our team can't be more than a few months older than that. Team 64 started in May 2001 and they got a lower team number than us :)

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