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  • That's what I was debating. I guess I found the Pyramidion easy because it is very easily split into two areas, upstairs and downstairs. The downstairs engineer only has to take care of the hull and engines. Only if everything is at 100% and not on fire should the downstairs engineer hop on the flamerthrower. The upstairs engineer fires whatever gun the gunner doesn't want, but his responsibilities are the balloon, backup up the downstairs engineer, and keeping the front guns working. I don't play goldfish enough to know how to effectively split the components apart per engineer. It always just seems to be whoever's closest to the broken/flaming part go fix it.

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    I hate the Goldfish and Squid, just utter trash in a 2v2 game. If you just want to fly around a bit and do sandbox training then yes. If you are going to try and do in game training then Pyramidion because otherwise they will loose for sure every single time without being able to throw up very much damage. I think the learning curve is worth it because in the long run they will learn on a multi-tier ship that is decent all around and shows them how to manage real ships later.

    We need to move to 3v3 games for more fun.

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  • ZealocktheGreatZealocktheGreat SkyCaptain Captain of the Sky

    I would have to agree GOIO can be a bit rough if you're just tossed into the fray, but that is the best way to learn that. A simple training mode with Pyramids would be perfect for immediate instruction. Also it would help to direct them here for my guns overview on page 3. so that they know what kind of dakka does what.

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    Sorry I missed the game(s) last night. My internet and cable was down most of the night. : (

  • You once again missed my epic piloting skills.

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas

  • ZealocktheGreatZealocktheGreat SkyCaptain Captain of the Sky

  • ZealocktheGreatZealocktheGreat SkyCaptain Captain of the Sky
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    Won't be making it to tonight's GOIO, but here's something else for those obsessed with the sky.

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    Won't make it to this GOIO either sorry mates

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    GOIO had another update be sure to download. Here's the details.


    • Decorations for your ship:

    • 4 figureheads*

    • 3 deck themes*

    • 5 balloon decals

    • 6 ship paint colors

    *Each figurehead or deck theme can be used for all ships.

    • Female Khovansky costume

    • New Ship Collision FX

    • New First person locomotion animations

    • Practice Mode renamed to Blumer’s Blastyard

    • All items in Store 50% off til 5/23


    • Community System:

    There is now a Community section in game accessible from the header. This section has quite a few new shiny things in it. The most prominent is the Clan system. From now on, you’ll be able to create your clan as well a permanent clan name and clan page. You will be able to manage your clan by promoting officers and accept new clan members. You’ll also have demote and kick functions for your clan, so use wisely. Your clan can be given commendations by other players, and this will determine your clan’s visibility in the clan list. Your clan will now also have it’s own chat channel and members list alongside Friends and Party. The leaderboard for the competitive season in game is now also available, and you can see your new shiny profile page, with a character viewer to boot. All upcoming community events will be displayed in Community, and you can favorite any of them for your clan page. As events become available, you can join them (if permissions allow) directly from event list.

    Community Section

    Clan System: Clan registration, member management, clan list, clan chat


    Competitive leaderboard

    New Profile page

    • Ship Customization:

    The ability to decorate your ships is finally here! There is a new section in the Store called Ship, where you can get deck themes, figureheads, balloon decals, and paint colors for your ships. Some of the decoration items will also be unlockable through your Progression. After you get the items, you can go to the new Ship screen to decorate with them. The new Ship screen is also more streamlined, with bigger ship previews, where you can simply drag to rotate and zoom in and out. Gun slot customization is also cleaner with less clutter.

    New deck themes, figureheads, balloon decals, and paint colors for ships

    New Store section for ship decorations

    New and streamlined Ship customization page with enhanced ship preview (drag to zoom and rotate ship)

    • Updated Tutorials:

    The tutorials have been updated to cover more of the essential elements of the game. A basic tutorial allows you to explore the different components on the ship – helm, guns, and repair points – and trigger tutorials for each component. The basic tutorial also instructions and reminds about all the communication tools, such as voice chat, text chat, and voice commands. It shows how guns are used in tandem or complements. The class specific tutorials then dive into more specifics about the individual components, skills, and mechanics of each player class.

    • Notification alerts

    • Stopping animations

    • Additional hooks for balance data analysis


    • Portable Flak: Arming Distance of 150m (no AoE under 150m, from 225m), 2.5x Zoom (from 2x), 1000m Max Range (from 875m), Pitch Speed 50 degrees/s (from 120), Yaw Speed 50 degrees/s (from 120), Rate of Fire 2.857 bullets/s (from 2.5), Reload Time 4s (from 5), Damage 50 Direct Explosive/30 AoE Explosive (from 45/30)

    • Harpoon: Maximum Harpoon Duration 5s (from 120s), Max Rope Length 800m (from 600m), Max Range 800m (from 600m), Reload Speed 16s (from 4s), Force 270000N (from 20000)

    • Flamethrower: Fixed major hit detection bug so flames actually hit reliably now, AoE Radius 6m (from 10), 1.6 Direct Fire Damage with 27.4% of igniting 1 fire stack (remember that flamethrower always has 6m AoE Radius even without AoE damage)

    • Tar Barrel: Fixed exploitation bug where damage would not be dealt until the end of the tick. Reduced engine damage to 20 damage (from 25), Increased Cloud Duration to 35s (from 30), and Increase Cloud Damage to 15 Shatter/s (from 12)


    • Fixed bug with notification UI overlaying on top of other UI elements

    • Fixed graphical glitch with multiple slot swap requests

    • No more 2 rubber goggles in store

    • Fixed incorrect texts in achievements

    • Removed duplicate tracks in soundtrack DLC

    • Fixed extension/file type inconsistencies in soundtrack DLC

    • Fixed incongruous terrain/obstacle on Northern Fjords

    • Removed invisible collider/wall in Anglean Raiders

    • Fix for mic usage preventing turning

    • Fixed disappearance of friend and block lists

    • Fixed player loadout screen issue with quick esc press

    • Fixed issue with 3rd person view and mounting mine launcher

    • Fixed display inconsistencies of the player class usage piechart in player profile

    • Fixed shader of gratings so they receive shadows properly

    • Fixed scrollbar positioning for Friends, Blocked, and Recent lists in Social

    • Fixed issue of player popup being overlapped by lobby name

    • Fixed issue of captain target selecting allied ships

    • Fixed gun class mislabeling in ship customization screen

    • Fixed functioning of exit game button on loading screen

    • Fixed formatting issue with skill tooltips

    • Fixed choppy movement speed when player falling

    • Fixed issue with pilot’s FOV not resetting when ship destroyed

    • Fixed issue with buffing changing rebuild time

    • Fixed issue with not being able to repair component when inside them

    • Fixed issue with Home/End keys scroll the chat too while typing

    • Fixed issue with blue teams’ ship type going off-screen in spectator if ship’s name is long

    • Fixed issue with player leave/join status reporting in global chat

    • Fixed positioning of yes/no confirmations

    • Fixed positioning of character models in character preview

    • Changed wording of practice loading

    • Fixed misplaced button when choosing practice/form crew at main menu

    • Fixed invisible collider in Canyon Ambush

    • Fixed issue of missing buttons when clicking too fast

    • Fixed issue of buttons not being properly blocked by profile popup

    • Fixed issue with clouds being invisible under Shader Model 2

    • Gun notes now have arming time info

    • Notification added when failing to join a friend

    • Female Skyrider goggle now matches its equipped position

    • Fixed issue with spawning off ship

    • Fixed issue with player titles not matching their class

    • Fixed issue with Artemis missile display

  • ZealocktheGreatZealocktheGreat SkyCaptain Captain of the Sky

    Ship customization...AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!...I'm positively giddy.

  • Please tell me you're making it tonight after this awesome update has come out. The Banhammer needs a new paint job.

  • ZealocktheGreatZealocktheGreat SkyCaptain Captain of the Sky

    I've had enough of Dark Souls 2 to take a break so yes I am definitely coming.

  • trooster89trooster89 Are you from London?

    Oh wow this updates gonna be awesome! I will definitely be there tonight.

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    Calling @midga and @Ilriyas for GOIO update.

  • RahnalH102RahnalH102 the Green Devout, Veteran Monster Hunter, Creature Enthusiast New Mexico
    50% off?! Stuff is already cheap from them.
  • ZealocktheGreatZealocktheGreat SkyCaptain Captain of the Sky
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    Good games. Won some, lost some, and strutted my sexy new boat decorations that I feel helped us immensely in the long run. I'll try not to miss anymore GOIO.

    NEWSFLASH! (deditdeditditdeditditdit) Children are still annoying in video games!

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas

    I finished up an engie level right after everyone left.

  • ZealocktheGreatZealocktheGreat SkyCaptain Captain of the Sky
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    Afraid I won't be able to make it again tonight as my Dad invited me to watch a Cheech and Chong movie, and I'm partial to poorly written pot comedies with good comedians. How about Wednesday at 8?

  • trooster89trooster89 Are you from London?

    sounds good to me

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas

    Really starting to hate cpt.s that bitch at you for not having their loadout. Buff hammer is whack and people are stuck on using the mallet in heavy fire situations where you should be using a shorter cool down item.

  • trooster89trooster89 Are you from London?

    I hear that. I've never really gotten the hang of buff hammer. Its handy sometimes if there's more than one engie, but I always miss having whatever I'm missing.

    I'll admit it took me a little while to realize the "proper" way to engie. Its all about optimizing health vs cool down.

    Also I completely forgot about GoI last night. Sorry.

  • I won't be making it tonight, too many chores to get done.

  • trooster89trooster89 Are you from London?

    We should try and lobby more people during tf2 tonight.

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas

    It is a $1.88 a piece in a 4 pack, we should just give stuff away.

  • Even giving it away I don't think there's much interest. During the giveaway I did, only one person was interested, and I don't think they've even launched the game.

    I'd be all for giving copies away, but you can't put it in your cart if you currently own it. So you won't be able to select the gift option.

  • trooster89trooster89 Are you from London?

    Same here. I gave 3 copies away and only 1 of those people consistently plays. The rest probably got scared away the the old ugly UI and PuGs.

    Oh well, its still probably worth a try. I mean @Ilriyas got the whole community hooked on virtual trucking...This game is literally the helium wars!

  • There’s a storm coming.

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