Curious sales listings on internet: gotta be something fishy going on here

adarryladarryl No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help a Child. Icrontian

I am an outdoor/fishing enthusiast and have been searching for a second boat to buy. I came across listings for a prospect that just don't add up. The boat in question is a 2012 Polar Kraft TX 165 that, according to NADA Boat Appraisal guides, has a fair market value of around $13000. However, I found this same boat showing the exact same listing photos for sale here at: by Brent W. of Chicago for $3000; here at: by Tootsie E. of Glassboro, N.J. for $4200 and here on ebay at: by rraible for the "buy it now" price of $9100. Obviously, there is fraud afoot here and I am not about to throw money at a fraudulent listing, but what's your take on this? Who's doing the dirty and what, if anything, can be done about it?


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    Looks sketchy to me. The eBay user has a bunch of transactions and 100% feedback. The ads on Oodle were placed by accounts that were just opened.

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    Agreed. However, I am also suspicious of the ebay user/seller. His listing provides WAY too much information about the boat and his replies to questions from prospective buyers also provide WAY too much information. IOW, he appears overly accommodating. Either he is a WAY too talkative ebayer or perhaps someone is using his identity as well to post fraudulently. His listing states, "Immediate payment of $500.00 is required" as well as, "Please be advised this boat is listed locally in a number of ads & therefore this post could end prior to time period shown" essentially admitting it is for sale elsewhere (so act now!). Maybe I am imagining things, but nothing seems kosher. Pity, it seems like a nice boat!

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    Definitely weird... and the oodle listings are clearly BS. BUT the one on eBay isn't too out of the ordinary. If someone needs to get liquid cash fast and they're in a pickle, they'll list under market to seal a sale faster. Also you're right that he's listing it locally on craiglist or in his front yard and he's just reserving the right to sell local. That's normal and a lot of people do that. Or people have a physical storefront and use eBay to supplement sales.

    Buying on eBay has become a buyer's haven. You are offered quite a bit of protection from eBay, which you give up when buying direct. So if you want to protect your tushie-tush but still want that boat, you can go through eBay with little to fear. Hell, you can notify him of the oodle listings and/or call him out and see what he says. You could even try to call him directly and judge his character. Might be a worthwhile endeavor for a deal.

    Or you can walk entirely. But at least you did SOME homework so far. Good luck on your hunt!

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    The ebay auction has ended but to follow up on what @Bandrik had suggested, I sent a communication to the seller notifying him/her of the fraudulent listings on Oodle. Maybe I'll get a response..............

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    By the way, you're not alone in getting a "new" boat. My family just picked up a 2005 Sea Ray. I don't know the tech specs or even the model, but it looks very similar to this:

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    @Bandrik, too much fun!

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    I love boats. We're taking it out this Sunday to go tubing. I haven't tried that on this boat yet, so I'm excited.

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    First off I would like to say that that did look sketchy.

    That being said, I was an apprentice to a vessel surveyor (technically called marine surveyor but that title is a little misleading.)in that time I learned that a seller who has recently had a survey done will frequently list those findings in their add as it provides both parties with a certain satisfaction that correspondence will not be a waste of time when the buyer discovers a deal breaking tidbit. By the time contact is made information has already been provided and buyer and seller can proceed to talk dollars.

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