Where's the fucking Rum?

TheLostSwedeTheLostSwede Trondheim, Norway Icrontian

The good old pirate drink have grown on me the last couple of years. While i'm not on black belt in rum yet, i have found a couple of great ones.

My go-to Rum is this one:

Priced from $40-$60.

My special event fav is this one:

Priced from $90-$110 is pretty steep to have in the bar at all times, but boy, it's well worth it.

Anyone else with hints of a golden one?



  • pigflipperpigflipper The Forgotten Coast Icrontian

    I love rum, but I tend to not drink the expensive stuff, mainly because I can't afford anything more than about $20 per bottle.

    My standby for the past decade has been good ol' Sailor Jerry though I do like Captain Morgan's Coconut (35% abv) for mixed drinks on the beach.

  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    @BlackHawk once brought me a bottle of Ron del Barrilito from his homeland. Loved it. Rum is one of those spirits that I think most people just assume is for cocktails but when you have a good one neat or on the rocks it's a real eye-opener. Complex drink.

  • TheLostSwedeTheLostSwede Trondheim, Norway Icrontian

    Rum and a Cigar is like heaven for my part. When i am in Florida, me and the husband in the house are hanging in his bar watching either baseball or football.

  • TheLostSwedeTheLostSwede Trondheim, Norway Icrontian

    That was the one who got me into Ron Zacapa and rum generally actually. If you like the taste of that, you can't wait until you try the XO.

  • RyanMMRyanMM Ferndale, MI Icrontian

    Love that stuff. Would love to try the XO.

    Recently had a unique rum - it was a store pick bottle of Papa's Pilar rum that was finished in bourbon barrels instead of (or perhaps in addition to, I wasn't clear on that) sherry casks. Really damn fine stuff. I am gonna try the normal variant on that soon and see if I like it as much.

  • GHoosdumGHoosdum Icrontian

    Breckinridge distilling makes a spiced rum that is finished in their bourbon casks. It is fantastic, but I haven't found it outside of Colorado yet.

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