Expo 2019 D&D One-Shot: Monster Slayers

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Announcing our 2019 Expo D&D game - Monster Slayers

It's simple. You kill monsters for money. You don't overthink it. They die so that you can live. Sometimes you even think you are helping others, saving them from horrible deaths at the claws of alpha predators. How you ended up in the steaming jungles of Chuult is your own business. Why you teamed up with those other Slayers isn't a mystery, though. Everything in Chuult is bigger than you, stronger than you, and hungrier than you. You need their help if you want to claim the big prize.

Who can play in the game EVERYONE and ANYONE. No D&D experience needed, we will teach you at the table

Characters We will be playing at 5th level. If you have a 5th level character that you want to play with, bring it. This includes the characters in my Talus IC game. If want to create a character, use the dndbeyond.com character builder and choose 5th level. Lastly, I will bring a few pre-gen characters that you can play as well.

Will there be Miniatures and Terrain like last year? YES. I am going to bring the big box of monster minis that I have and I'll bring some terrain. HOWEVER, I'll admit upfront that if I wasn't moving two weeks before the game I would have a better setup, so setting expectation accordingly, this might not be as epic a layout as last year, YMMV. But that does mean you should bring a mini for your character if you have one.

Can I PVP kill @primesuspect ? NO. Unless he is being very annoying. Then sure.



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