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    also, I need to get a real camera :D
  • SnarkasmSnarkasm Madison, WI Icrontian
    nom nom nom
  • fatcatfatcat Mizzou Icrontian
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    so yea I just sit for hours in awestruck.

    I'll never buy a little ass TV again (and by little I mean anything less than 100")
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    How does it handle a sunny afternoon/normal amounts of light? That's one of the big things that has always held me back.
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    Taken with cell camera

    All lights on (three of them) in living room with sun beating on curtains. I have all dark curtains. All pictures taken with the projector in normal power mode. Also my picture taking abilities suck, forgot to focus

    x.v.Color mode

    Cinema mode

    Living Room mode

    Dynamic mode

    Now with the projector in ECO mode (power saving)

    x.v.Color mode ECO

    Cinema mode ECO

    Living Room mode ECO

    Dynamic mode ECO
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    That looks awesome! So jealous...
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    Wow, forgot about this.


    110" 1.2 gain matte white screen (54"x96") with 3" hardwood black velvet border
    Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8350 projector. 1920x1080p. 2000 Lumens. 3LCD. 4000 hour lamp

    AMD A6-3500 triple core 2.1ghz
    Samsung 64GB SSD
    AMD HD6570
    Windows 7
    XBMC Eden

    Reciever & Speakers & Such
    Denon AVR-1312
    Sony SA-VS310 5.1
    Toshiba Blu-Ray player
    PHD-8VX 1080p HDTV Tuner/Switch

    As much as I love my projector (got it for $999 on sale, worth $1200 easily) I will be going DLP next time around.

  • LazarusXeroLazarusXero Illinois Icrontian
    Moving into a new house soon and am dreaming about a basement media setup for gaming/home theater... this is my template now
  • fatcatfatcat Mizzou Icrontian
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    Moving into a new house soon and am dreaming about a basement media setup for gaming/home theater... this is my template now

    Awesome! When you decide what you want to do let me know. Projectors and screens keep getting better and cheaper! I know there are some things I will do different the next time around but I absolutely love my home theater setup.

    Just watching jaws drop when people see it the first time is great ;)

    This was me watching the NCAA championship Monday night
  • LazarusXeroLazarusXero Illinois Icrontian
    Love it!! Will be doing research soon... also need to have the system double as a gaming rig... Updates to follow....
  • fatcatfatcat Mizzou Icrontian
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    LCD Projector Technology

    LCD projections utilize a lamp that sends white light onto a combination of mirrors. These mirrors split the light into its three basic colors (red, green, and blue). The three colors are then combined via a prism that forms a full-color image consisting of millions of colors.

    LCD Benefits:
    -Delivers stronger brightness in its three basic colors (if you have windows without "blockout/thermal" curtains this matters)
    -Zoom lens offers more flexible mounting options (you can literally mount is anywhere within throw limitations)
    -Produces less noise than DLP projectors (quiet as hell)
    -Richer colors provide better results in spaces with high ambient light (see first note)
    -Utilizes less power and outputs less heat (win)
    -No “rainbow effect” on projected images (some see it some don't)

    LCD Limitations:
    -Requires constant filter cleaning and replacement (I have two pets and I clean my filter 2x/year. not an issue)
    -Image pixilation is more visible when compared to DLP (depends how big a screen you get)
    -Larger, heavier design profile (true)
    -Black tones may appear more gray, resulting in lesser contrast (high contrast grey screen fixes this)
    -May have color decay after extended use (lamp burn in. happens with all projectors)

    DLP Projector Technology

    All DLP projections stem from a Texas Instruments® DLP microchip that manipulates light and color via several hundred thousand microscopic mirrors located on the surface of the chip. Spaced less than one micron apart, these mirrors produce a smooth, crystal-clear image.

    DLP Benefits:
    -Produces a smooth, crystal-clear image (DLP has more "pop")
    -Capable of projecting ultra-fast (16 microsecond pixel response time – about 1,000 times faster than LCD projectors), smooth, jitter-free images (movies are 24fps. only matters with gaming)
    -Smaller and lighter design profile (true)
    -Image pixilation is less visible than on LCD projections (again, get the correct screen size)
    -Filter-free design provides for virtually zero maintenance (I like filters)
    -Saves significant maintenance dollars and labor over the projector’s lifespan, and lowers the total cost of ownership (my LCD lamp is rated 4000 hours or several years depending on usage. I've got 270 hours on my lamp over 17 months so I don't see this as an issue since LCD use less power)

    DLP Limitations:
    -Requires more lumens than LCD in areas with ambient light (true)
    -Longer throw distance than LCD (yea you can't mount DLP just anywhere like LCD)
    -DLP color wheel may create “rainbow effect” on projected images (just get a fast enough color wheel)
    -Spinning color wheel and exhaust fans produce noise (play movies louder lol)
    full article here

    my notes in parentheses
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    @fatcat said:

    LOL 4k Snark, maybe in 2020 when the rest of the world stops using 720/1080

    Well, Fatcat got close on this one: nobody's using 720p anymore, but 1080 is still relevant, though 4K is affordable now

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian

    My Bush-era 720p DLP projector is still going strong.

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