If geeks love it, we’re on it

Icrontic TF2

Icrontic has a long standing tradition of hosting one of the most welcoming, entertaining, and hilarious TF2 servers on the webs. People find our server randomly, and stay because the {IC} gaming group is just that awesome.

Team Fortress 2 is a Big Deal™ here at Icrontic; you found our server and we would love it if you stuck around and became a community member and part of our lifelong online family of friends. Many of the people that started their Icrontic journey through Team Fortress 2 have become core members, staff members, and have crashed on Brian and Lincoln’s couches more times that we can count. We suggest that you start in our Team Fortress 2 forum. Say hi, and get to know the best online gaming community in the world. For great justice.

We award badges for participation in Team Fortress 2 events, such as our weekly League of Extraordinary Icrontians. Pimp out your IC user profile with your sweet achievements and command the respect of a legion of nerds. We also have a badge for donating to the server (and hats as well!)

On a side note, the server costs a pretty penny to run: Around $40/month. If you play on the Icrontic TF2 server, we ask that you please consider donating some funds towards keeping it running. We have a simple solution set up through ClanPay, with which you can easily and quickly donate via PayPal.

Icrontic Team Fortress 2 is a staple; people who donate get certain privileges such as “make room for me!” kicks, “Hey can we play GoldBowl instead?” nagging rights, and of course an intense, in-depth, personal connection with the greater TF2 community as a whole.

Welcome to it!