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Best place to put an amp?

danball1976danball1976 Wichita Falls, TX
edited Aug 2003 in The Pub
What would be the best place to put an amp for my car? In the trunk, under one of the front seats, or attached to the bottom of the dashboard?

Also, I am being told that I should get an amp that has at least 85W RMS to match the rear speakers - I saw the US Acoustics AMP with 85W RMS.. Or that I should get a Rockford Fosgate AMP w/at least 100W RMS.

Should I get the US Acoustics or a Rockfor Fosgate AMP w/at least 100W RMS. RF's AMPs are usually rather expensive, with a 100W RMS being $549.99, way too much for me. The US Acoustics amp is $179.99 for 85W RMS.

Also, is it true that in order to get a good amp, you have to pay at least $1.00 for each watt the AMP can put out?


  • NixxerNixxer Nottingham, UK
    edited Aug 2003
    Best set up is, imo, in the boot. Its the most common place to and if you stick a sub in there its generally easier. As for wattage with speakers, get that combined of every speaker your hooking up to the amp.

    I soon intend upon getting a pair of 200W 6x9's powered from my head unit rather than my amp. I will then get a Renegade 1500W amp and connect two Type R 1000W subs to it, so each will produce 750W.

    All my opinion though.
  • DexterDexter Vancouver, BC Canada
    edited Aug 2003
    Don't get an amp with a higher RMS than your speakers. If you don't know, RMS is "root mean square", a fancy way of saying "average." However, "average" is based on a couple of different formulae, and each manufacturer chooses which fomrula they want to use...which is, of course, the one that makes their product look best. So when you mix and match manufacturers, always get speakers with a higher RMS than the amp, or you run the risk of overdriving the speakers, and popping them.

    Also, make sure to find out if the RMS wattage is per speaker or per pair, and if the amp's rating is total or per channel. If your speakers are 85 W RMS each, and your amp is 85W RMS total, then you are not anywhere close to your speaker's capacity, and you can get a more powerful amp.

    Also ask about the peak Wattage. Make sure the peak wattage of each channel of the amp does not exceed the peak wattage of each individual speaker. Always a good idea to give it 20% headroom. I don't know about you, but when I was younger, I had friends who thought it was funny to turn your volume all the way up before you got in the car, just to see you jump when you turned the key :scratch:

    Anyways, if you are going to drop some money on a system, then just make sure your speakers have a little extra safety margin built in to them, or you can/will blow them (I helped my older brother replace a couple on his thump-thump system back in the day....) Some salespeople may tell you that you should use the same number all the way through, or your system is not running efficiently. That is crap. The wattage rating is a measure of how much power the speakers can absorb before they overload. You do not want a situation where your speakers can potentially not handle everything the amp throws at them. Unless you have money to buy new speakers again, and again. Salesmen that tell you otherwise are hoping you become a repeat customer.;)

    Rockfor Fosgate are expensive, and very good. US Accoustics are good, just a little lower end. But the deciding factor should be, how does it sound. If you have a small car, either one should sound great.

    Oh, and best place to put it? The trunk is nice because it is out of the way, and les likely that the settings will get changed by someone playing with it or bumping it with their foot if it is inder the dash. The trunk also works great because it is generally cooler than the interior of the car, so it helps keep the amp cooler.

  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
    edited Aug 2003
    I see some of my friends have them attached to the back seat in the trunk but then thats because they have subs in the trunk.

    A good AMP provides good CLEAN power. Clean power will make the speaker pound a lot better than another with more Watts and dirty power.
  • fuxorfuxor i live in a giant bucket
    edited Aug 2003
    mine is secured next to my spare tire under the floor of my trunk/hatchback.
  • Geeky1Geeky1 University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA, USA)
    edited Aug 2003
    best from what standpoint? I mean, if you're talking about a standpoint of the impact of a 10lb amp on handling, ideally you'd want it as low as possible and on the lightest end of the car :D

    Seriously tho, the trunk is the most common place, but it gets hot in the trunk (around here anyhow). Basically AFAIK, there isn't anywhere that's "best" other than what's the most convenient based on how you're wiring everything up.
  • a2jfreaka2jfreak Houston, TX Member
    edited Aug 2003
    danball: Never heard of the other company, but the only problem I've had with my Rockford amp was a broken knob, which isn't the amp . . . it plugs into the amp with an RJ-11 cord, so really the only problem I've had is with the Rockford amp that drives my subs. It will cut out sometimes, which I guess it when it gets a bit toasty :) But hey, those lonely stretches of road between Texas and Georgia are just that--lonely, so I blasted my tunes almost the entire way. Thump thump thump!

    The amp that drives my mids has never given me any problems at all.

    I wouldn't pay $550 for a 100W RMS amp, no matter who makes it. Double checks your prices and see if you can get a better deal. Shaving a couple hundred off that price doesn't sound too far-fetched to me.

    Like some Dexter said, don't get an amp with a higher RMS than your speakers.

    As for location, go with where is the most convenient for you, but also allows for some airflow. My amp gets too hot because I have no airflow, but in a regular cab truck I didn't have many choices. Squeezing two 10" subs and 2 amps into the cab was tight.
  • danball1976danball1976 Wichita Falls, TX
    edited Aug 2003
    My rear speakers that I bought are 85W RMS, 350W max. The front speakers that I will be getting are 35W RMS, 150W Max. Both are pioneer.

    Crutchfield did recommend the $179.99 US Acoustics amp, and said for the front speakers, to just turn the gain down on them. Would under the passenger or drivers seat be a good place to put it, since it will get cooler there? Just like any computer, you need to keep them cool.

    The figures are for each speaker. The US Acoustics is 85W RMS per channel x 4 @ 4ohms

    And I know what RMS means. Example, to produce 120v AC, it takes about 350V total from the 0<sup>o</sup> to 180<sup>o</sup> phase
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