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Detroit Area Computer Fixers!

McBainMcBain San Clemente, CA New
edited Jan 2009 in The Pub
Seeing as how I'm now 2000 miles away, It's tough for me to fix family members computers.

Long story short - Does anyone in the area actually still fix computers that's on this site? It's a paying job. Need to extract pictures/videos from my soon to be sister in-laws computer and do a re-install of windows.

Computer can be dropped off at someones house. It's not too old of a computer, but what can I say, it's a family computer. Not sure if the hard drive is borked, but the bios is searching for a boot drive, and pointing to the hard drive yields nothing but a black screen. Best I can say from a non-technical person describing to me what's wrong.

So, please PM with any interest and your rates.


Chuck / McBain
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