So what should I do?

TemplarTemplar You first.
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I want a new PC :)

But... I've got this really crappy job right now paying under $7/hr., and most other places won't offer much more and a second job would take way too much coordination :( So it'll take about 3 months to save up for most of the money.

Well, recently I was handed a mutual fund worth more than enough to pay for the PC I want, but it was supposed to be towards college supplies (Was going to get a laptop anyway). The money is legally mine, but I don't want to throw 60% of it at entertainment and have it's previous holders angry at me.
Should I cash in the fund and throw the rest in my checking account and buy a kick ass rig, or do the goody thing and save it for college..

I could save for a bit and split the cost between the two sources. :shrug:


  • NomadNomad A Small Piece of Hell Icrontian
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    Don't mutual funds have exponetial growth values? If it does, you could wait three months and then pull it out of the mutual fund and not see a big difference.
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    Well, if you really must have a new computer NOW, you could always use the fund on a computer, and save your paychecks to pay back your mutual fund.

    Of course, you really can only do that if you could trust yourself enough to put the money back.
  • TemplarTemplar You first.
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    Of course, you really can only do that if you could trust yourself enough to put the money back.

    Good idea (I don't know a lot about mutual funds, or money for that matter :P ). I think I might go that route.
  • LincLinc Bard Detroit Icrontian
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    Once you get to college, you come to regret every stupid thing you bought once you realize how long you'll be in debt after you get out :rolleyes: My opinion is to cope with the computer you have a while longer, and then get what you need minimally.
  • maxanonmaxanon Montreal
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    What the general said. Debt is a pain and use the money for when you absolutely need it (and needing to play Doom3 is not valid).
  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Geeky, in my own way Naples, FL Icrontian
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    I'll hang with Keebs. He and I have both been there and done that to a degree, that is how I know for sure it suxs to waste all the incoming things on mostly fun. BUT, if you will use the computer as a tool, you might be able to justify a rig faster than you now have-- especially if you can upgrade route the build and make the complete thing to your new specs over time. Problem is, if you have a kickass rig now, in two-three years much better will be out there. Advice, use the fund for what it was given to you for.

    How do you do this??? Case, PSU, motherboard, all will shrink in time as far as value. BUT, CASE can be used for many things, so can a real good PSU, and a motherboard that can be used for a processor gen can typically run a decent and cheaper CPU now and a better one later.

    So, I get case first, PSU that is bigger than what I need now, and best mothebroard I can afford. Then I get the CPU I can afford and decent RAM for it. Later, I replace just CPU and RAM.

    The thing to think about with a laptop, is that you do not normally NEED the latest laptop to get decent use for college reasons only. Can you buy a lesser laptiop and some parts for a faster rig??? What parts can you carry forward to a new PC core now??? HD, CD-RW drive, possibly video card, MAYBE the case or(and??) PSU if it(they) is(are) real good.

    Does your fund let you get a desktop replacement laptop???? That is the ohter way, but desktop or towers are cheaper. Some folks use mini-form-factor PCs as luggables instead of laptops for many things. Some folks use a high-end PDA to take notes on, then a good desktop to do the heavy grunt work, or a cheaper laptop and a desktop.
  • botheredbothered Manchester UK
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    I know what I'd do. Cash it in and treat myself because I know I'd pay it back. Then I'd spend months regreting it, wondering when I'd be free of the debt, the repayments for which were stopping me doing all the other things I wanted to do.
    I know this because that's what happens with me.
    Delayed gratification is so much better than the instant kind.
  • TheBaronTheBaron Austin, TX
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    as someone whos currently in college and who is paying for ALL of his expenses my advice is this: you never know what you're going to NEED to spend your money on. I've spent $2000 on my car in the last month, just so I can continue getting to work. granted these were expenses that I was expecting - parts have been going bad for awhile - but It's still not money you want to have to spend. I guarantee you that while you think that a kickass rig is something you need going into college, you will end up being so busy (with class work, partying, drinking, work, more partying, more drink...) that you won't find time to do much gaming. Get a workhorse laptop that (depending on your major) can run whatever necessary programs you'll need to an extreme degree (like CAD, MATLAB, etc) because 2 years from now that laptop WILL be outdated, you WILL still be in college, and you WONT have any money.

    my 2c
  • edcentricedcentric near Milwaukee, Wisconsin Icrontian
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    Set yourself a target date and amount, and save like a mad man. Don't spend a cent. Then if you need a bit to finish it off withdraw it. But don't let you amount creap up on you.
  • JBJB Carlsbad, CA
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    i agree with all of the other college goers. Lots of expenses and little free time. After class, homework, and a social life you probably wont have much time/desire to go play games for hours on end. As long as you have a decent AXP or P4 you should be able to run the software (matlab, maple, AutoCAD, Visual Studio) you need for class with no problems at all. Worst case senario: use the school computer labs, as that's what they are there for :)
  • Red-DawnRed-Dawn Been kidnapped and being held hostage in Edinburgh
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    trust me save it for college, u can't begin to contenplate the amount u'll be spending in the essencials when u get there and if u spend it now u might end up like i did, regretting spending most of the money i had saved up on what can only be described as worthless ****
  • ClutchClutch North Carolina New
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    Ok here is my take on the situation. If you want something bad enough you will save up every nickle, dime, to get it without touching the college money. You can try to justify that the computer will help you do this and that in college, but it will really just be for fun. I have a budget for myself, if I really want something for fun then I will just not buy anything for months, etc.. I have went many weeks with only a single dollar bill in my wallet. I go to work, come home, go to work, come home. I dont spend any money on my self anymore because I want other things. Please don't touch the fund because it will be hard to replace it because you will be wanting something else to buy and you will go through this process again.
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