Please remove your folding sigs.... for now. - SM

EnverexEnverex Worcester, UK
edited July 2003 in The Pub
The forums have been experiening extreme lags that come and go. We've determined the only plausible explanation is the temporary folding sigs we're using the in the forums en masse. All those calls to a remote server before each thread can load is slowing the entire site down waiting for a response.

Until we get the sig gen situated on the host server, I have to request that everyone remove dynamic folding sigs from their profiles ASAP.

Sorry guys, I'll try to get the real deal up as soon as my bug hunt is done and the code is uploaded.


  • edited July 2003
    Hummmm. I've had no problem.
  • danball1976danball1976 Wichita Falls, TX
    edited July 2003
    It really hasn't been causing any problems here, but it was causing extreme lag over at short-media.
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