The Tortoise of Dreams…

TeramonaTeramona Consulting Tea Specialist Best Coast!

Dear @TiberiusLazarus and @CannonFodder,

Do you two remember when we sat in my dining room eating chocolate of questionable origin, and I looked to the window, put my hand to the glass and whispered:

"A tortoise lives in that garden across the street. A gigantic tortoise."

I paused. You two came to look through the window with me, standing silently at my side.

"I've never seen it," I continued. "But I know it's there."

We didn't see it that day. Indeed, we never saw it for as long as you were here. You may have thought it was a story. A made up flight of fancy. I do that sometimes. But this? Gentlemen… The Tortoise of Dreams is real. And I have proof, at long last.


Yes, tilt your head and look upon its ethereal beauty!




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