Cars you've owned throughout the years

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I saw a friend of mine do this on Facebook, and I thought this was a pretty cool idea, so I'll start. Cars I've owned throughout the years:

The car I learned to drive on, my dad's 1984 Pontiac 6000. Not a great car. It was a piece of junk, actually. I drove it for a couple of months until I saved up enough money at 16 to buy...


My first car. Sigh. 1989 Dodge Spirit. This thing was a TOTAL sleeper. Look it up—people still race these. It had a 3.0V6 made by Mitsubishi that just totally kicked ass. I learned to love cars from driving this, working on it, and improving it. Because of this car I almost became a mechanic. I used to wax the engine compartment, that's how obsessed I was with this car. It had 190,000 miles on it when it got wrecked by a lady running a red light, and it still ran like a dream. Sigh.


I don't even want to talk about this one. It was like $500 or something. Enough to get me by until...


My first real car purchase (as in, I bought it from a dealership). 1996 Saturn SC-2. I liked it, it was sporty enough, but it lacked the soul of my Dodge. In the end, I almost died in this car... Another lady running a red light, hit her at 50mph. Luckily, everyone in the car survived, so I have to thank it for keeping my young family alive. Good B pillar, Saturn. Thanks.

The insurance settlement helped me get...


A 1997 Nissan Pathfinder. I loved this truck. It was 4WD awesomeness, and the interior was quite plush. I owned this truck until it was paid off, and it took my family all the way to the north shore of Lake Superior in the middle of December, through major ice and snow, safely and effectively. One of the best vehicles I've ever owned.


My first "Second car". This thing was a total riot! A 1985 Jeep CJ-7. I bought this for $300 so I could tool around in it while my then-wife could have the Pathfinder to safely drive the kids around. This thing was a hunk of crap, but it was the most fun to drive EVER. I don't think it even had a floor. For real.

Alas, we all have to grow up at some point...


A 2001 Toyota Matrix. The first brand new car I ever bought. At 1.8% financing, I couldn't pass it up. It was fine. Very modern. Alas, money trouble caused it to get repo'd, so...


Grandma's 1997 Monte Carlo. Gold, with custom bench seat in front and wheel shifter, because that's what 83 year old women buy. Ugh. Hated this thing with a passion. Clunky, gigantic huge, heavy doors, and just bad engineering. Not America's finest moment.

On the plus side, it was heavy and big enough to protect my ex when someone rammed into her and totalled it, so, insurance got us...


Another super-sweet ride... A 2000 Saab 9-3. This baby was fantastic. All leather interior, turbocharged, fassst. Just an awesome ride. Alas, she got it in the divorce (and subsequently neglected it with no oil until the engine blew, fail), and I ended up with...


My aunt's hand-me-down 1991 Jeep Cherokee. I liked this thing well enough, but I only had it for like three weeks and I got into a head-on collision with it (weather related). Fail!

That's what leads me to what I drive today:


My grandma's NEXT car which I inherited upon her death. Another gold octogenarian car, le sigh. 2001 Ford Focus. I'm not in love with this car at all. It's just something I drive. Bleh.


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    Oh boy, time to embarrass myself. My first car, the 1994 Chevy Lumina sedan. I beat the everliving crap out of this car over the years I had it, but it treated me well til the end.


    Then, the ignition control module went and my parents, instead of listening to me (and by extension my mechanic, long story) decided that my car wasn't worth fixing and instead "bought me" (and then I owed them the money for it) a 1991 Olds Cutlass Calais. Man I hated this car. It was a piece. Especially since it had been sitting in some guys driveway for about 5 years before I bought it. Everything creaked, it had no features at all, rust everywhere... but, it got me through my last 2 years of college (somehow).


    Then, a couple weeks after I started my first "real" job after college, the Cutlass was declared a death trap. It seems the frame was so rusted that the strut mounts were about to break away from it completely. There wasn't even enough metal left to weld them back on either. Lucky that thing didn't kill me. So, I scrambled and bought my current car. A 2006 Saturn Ion 2. I love this car. It's surprisingly fun to drive, hasn't given me any trouble for the 3+ years I've owned it so far. I will drive it until it dies (which will probably be premature since it's the first stick shift I've ever driven, I'm sure the clutch/transmission took some abuse the first month or so I owned it).

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    I cut my teeth on Mom and Dad's 1987 Ford Taurus.


    The first car I wholly owned was a 1985 Dodge Omni. Let's just say, getting it on in the back seat of that thing pretty much qualifies you to be an Olympic class gymnast, not for the faint of heart....

    Also, I learned to be a fairly decent backyard mechanic on that thing. More things went wrong on that thing than I have time to get into.


    When the Omni took a a dive, I decided on a light pick up truck, I wanted to buy new for the first time, but it had to be inexpensive. I settled on the 1997 Nissan Frontier, white, no frills, no extended cab, it even had a cassette player vs. a CD stereo. I loved that truck, until my son decided to wreck it,,,,,, twice......


    My current vehicle is also a Nissan Frontier. 2007 model. White, extended cab, V6, I really love it. It's nothing fancy, but it's just me.

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    Such a great idea!

    My first love, a 1991 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer edition (with the most comfortable seats ever...). A LOT of memories with this car, and lots of life experiences. I was very emotionally attached to this car, and probably spent more time in this car then I did at home when I was 18 and in college. His name was "Billy Bob."

    When the Explorer began giving me more problems, and became less reliable, my parents passed down their 1994 Honda Civic EX (was originally my brother's until he got himself a Mustang). I wanted nothing to do with this car at first, because of my attachment to the Explorer, and I didn't want to learn how to drive a manual. I did it, and ended up enjoying this car a lot, and it was extremely reliable and fun (it even had a sunroof!). Was also very easy to spot in a parking lot with this color.

    Then, this happened (I rear-ended someone in terrible traffic on my way to class, but only surface damage). I was so embarrassed about this, but didn't want to pay to fix it. Was like this for almost a year.

    Then, this happened. Some stupid 16-year old that had just gotten her license a few weeks earlier, ran into my car when it was parked on the side of a street when I was at work. She was supposedly only going 25 miles an hour, which was the speed limit, and she was driving a beast of a Subaru. I never park on the street in front of a distracting football field ever again. Damage was worth more than the car was, so it was totaled by her insurance, and I was given cash (not much) to get another car (at least I didn't cry when we got rid of this car)...

    This 2000 Nissan Altima XLE is my official first car, that I purchased on my own 2 years ago(and still owe on). I financed through my dad, because the banks wanted to charge me a fortune due to not having much credit, and it being an older used car. It has been an extremely reliable car (although looks and feels like a mom car), and I will probably drive it until it dies. Was tough to purchase a car under pressure, but it worked out.
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    I learned to drive in an 83 Camry. Light blue with blue velour interior. It was my grandpa's car until my family got it. After 300k miles, the strut mounts finally gave way and we donated it to the cancer society. I really liked the car.


    Also learned to drive in my dad's "truck," a Dodge Caravan sorta like this:


    Silver and grey. Yeah, it was awesome because we could take all the Boy Scouts camping with it. Good stuff.

    I got my license when I was 17. Worked really hard and paid cash for my first car, the 1987 Tercel. Champagne with brown tweed interior. 30k miles and an anemic 3E engine. It had a whole 70hp on a good day and a boring automatic transmission.


    I drove it through college, loved it, and finally learned that I wanted something faster. I sold it to my buddy and he promptly had it fitted with a 135hp 4e-fte engine and 5-sped transmission from a JDM Toyota Starlet GT EP82. It was featured on Autoblog and is a blast to drive. Unfortunately it was sideswiped and now looks like crap thanks to some jerk hotshot driver.

    I got my 85 Supra on a rainy day. Gargoyle helped me test drive it because he had been driving a stick (the Volvo 122) for a few months. It had some deer damage but I got it because I've always been a fan of the car. Still have it today, although it looks much different. It's my project.


    After a while, I came across a great deal on this 85 Mercedes 380 SL. Paid cash for it, drove it a few years and then sold it for $2k more than I paid. Old Benzes are awesome but they're also a money pit. After 20 years of use, the rubber was getting shot and it needed lots of little things I couldn't afford. I'll have another SL some day...


    After that, I got my 92 Lexus SC300 5-spd. At the time it was one of 3 manual versions for sale in the US. Flew to St. Louis with a bag of cash and drove it home. I did some minor mods to it and really enjoyed driving it, but the car was pretty worn out with over 200k miles on it when I sold it finally to my buddy.


    So now I have a 2005 Honda S2000. :) Just like this:

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    I started out with a 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix, this was my first car at 16.


    Then, at 18, after having my 1st job for 2 months, I bought a brand new (0 miles) 1988 Chevy Beretta GT.


    Then, I wanted a truck, so we move to a 1989 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer


    After that, it was time for more speed. 1986 Ford Mustang GT


    I totaled the mustang in 1998 after having it for ~6 years, just passed 100,000 miles but it still looked great, tip top shape, boy was I pissed.
    I then bought the most uninspiring car I have ever owned, not to mention the biggest PITA to do work on, EVER! 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE


    I drove that until it had 194K+ miles on it, right into the ground. It was at the end of that cars life that I met everyone at the 2006 IC Lan and later that fall I got my 2007 Chevy Impala SS


    When the lease was up on that, I got the 2010 Nissan Maxima.


    Can't wait until April 2013 ;):cool:
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    Ryder, I remember that Pontiac! :D
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    Leases don't count Ryder lol
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    1985 Jeep CJ-7

    1989 Honda Prelude S

    1991 Honda Accord

    1996 Volkswagen Jetta

    1996 Volkswagen Passat VR6

    2004 Ford Escape

    2003 Toyota Matrix XRS

    1996 Ford Crown Victoria
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    Somewhere in this jungle is my 93 white Chrysler Lebaron (the greatest of all cars)


    Oh there it is!
    After getting the tree off of it, jump starting the battery, and finding a way to crawl into the drivers seat it started up like nothing was wrong with it. If it wasn't for little things like safety inspections I might still be driving it.

    Then there was the next best thing, my 91 New Yorker. I'm not sure exactly what happened to it though, I just woke up one night and it looked like this (or was in the process of looking like this).

    It was pretty much indestructible, unfortunately pretty much is slightly less than entirely and it stopped working for some reason, my guess is bad spark plugs.

    Then of course now there's the 2001 cavalier I've had for about 2 years. I don't have any real pictures but this is a pretty accurate image of it.

    No plans to get anything different anytime soon.
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    The sad part is, that's all 100% true.
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    MUCH too lazy to go get interwebs pics, and have no pics of most of them.

    Learned to drive - stepfather's 1976 Dodge Fury station wagon. Got my license in it too (1980), so I could parallel park ANYTHING. Longest vehicle I've ever driven.

    1971 Nova 2 door - 6 banger, car was CHERRY when I got it, and pretty much destroyed it - was gonna repaint, put it in about 30% primer then never did paint it. Had a fire from flicking a cig that didn't make it out of the cracked window and smouldered on the back seat all night. Woke up hung over a buddy's place, looked out the window, 2 old ladys on the sidewalk staring at my car WTF! DUDE FIIIIRRREEE!! We pulled the back seat out, and I never could find a replacement. After that, it always stunk like it had been parked in the middle of a forest fire for a week. Less than a year later, it got hit by a drunk and he put the rear axle in the back seat. Car was parked at the time. Did I mention he was drunk? Man, I had a bazillion dollars worth of fun in that car, learned a little about engines and a lot about life :D If this were in 'Members Only', I might expand on that a wee bit :buck:

    So, my boss sold me a 1973 Merc Montego 2 door for cheap. Was brown and ugly but in great shape. Someone had a truck that had a tranny problem, it went into reverse in a parking lot with no driver, through a fair sized parking lot, down a ramp and across the street into my Monte, totalling it. Had it maybe 6 months.

    So, I took the insurance money and a small loan and bought the coolest car I ever owned. Not the fastest, just the coolest. 1965 Pontiac Custom Sport convertible. It didn't say 'Parisienne' on it anywhere, but that's what it was. Many thousands of pounds of land yacht. 2 speed 'slush box' transmission, would do about 70 mph in first, knock her up into 2nd gear and it was like a big stretched out rubber band with the tension being let go bwwwwwaaaaAAAAAMMMMM! That had a totally rusted out tub, though I didn't know it until my brother put on the seatbelt in the back and it came off the car in his hand. Turns out it's a good thing he didn't stand up during our top down cruise that day, he'd have gone thru and under the car :hair: Eventually sold it.

    1971 Nova 4 door, as a short term transition car. Man, it was a total beater, I'd have taken it to a figure 8 race then still driven it to work the next day. Fortunately, only a couple of months.

    1986 Chrysler (Plym?) Laser. Right off the transport truck, $12k. 4 cyl 4 speed. Solid dependable car for a newlywed couple. Had it for under 10,000 mi, because then I started working in the car industry and was flipping a couple a year...

    1988 Mustang 4 cyl, just cause bought it under cost. Flipped.

    1984 Mustang GT. WhoaaaMG that was a fun car. Did a couple of long road trips with mrs keto. DO NOT ask her about going through the red light at the highway intersection sideways. Me with a big grin, her screaming in terror and anger. Really, don't ask. Her.

    1979 GMC El Diablo. That's right biatch, way cooler name than the El Camino. Took out the wussy 305 and dropped in a rebuilt 454 and TH400. Did awesome smoke shows, never could get enough weight in the back to get it to hook up to the road though. Toasted a U-Joint at (dunno, somewhere around 120mph) going down the highway with a buddy. Didn't know what happened, the engine was still running and responding to the throttle but no response at the rear wheels. Was later told I was LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY the driveshaft didn't drop and dig into the pavement, flipping the car. Yup. When they replaced the U-Joint, they also put a loop under the driveshaft.

    Mostly it's all downhill from there, kids came along yada yada. Sedans (Tauruses, Sables, a Cordoba ((wtf how did that happen), Caprices, a Grande Marquis and minivans aplenty. Have also been lucky and had company vehicles most of the past 18 years, so don't have to own one personally. Earlier this year, I turned in my Impala LTZ, which was a fun car but was REAAAALLLY falling apart at 80,000mi, and picked up an Equinox, only because it's the first time we've been able to select an AWD vehicle. It's OK but not more than that, thought it would be more spacious. Not enough power, a hog on gas, quite small interior relative to the exterior size.
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    Let's see, first car, was supposed to be a Cavalier gifted from my uncle I believe but it got broken into and wrecked about 2 weeks prior to me receiving it, so instead my uncle came through with a $500 burgundy colored '92 saturn sl2 with ~180k miles on it. Paint peeling, ceiling hanging down, manual steering, no power anything, and a 5 speed manual with a 2nd gear that took some odd mix of alchemy and science to actually ever use.

    Damn did I ever love this car. Learned to drive it and picked up my homecoming date with it on the very same day, perfected E-brake maneuvers with it, and ran it down bumpy dirt roads at near top speeds until I busted the struts. Fixed those, replaced spark plugs, and an alternator - she kept running like a charm, you just couldn't keep this car down. I could write novels about it and would probably still have it to this day if I wasn't instructed to sell it before shipping off to college.

    Ultimately it went to some asshole kid down the road that rolled it 2 weeks later on the same roads I ran it on every day *tear*:

    Next up was my college ride, an '01 Ford Escort zx2. Another 5-speed, but this time with a bit more horsepower and power steering! Ran solid through 4 years of college with the exception of another alternator. Gave it to my mother when I got out of college since Annes and I didn't need 2 vehicles:

    Last up is my current ride, an '09 Hyundai Elantra Touring. Not to be confused with the basic Hyundai Elantra because I'm pretty sure they're almost nothing alike. First car with true power anything, again a 5-speed because I told Annes that I refused to buy an automatic. I believe it also taught our very own Lincoln to drive a manual :) Never thought I'd like a hatchback, but I've grown to appreciate this car. Overall, its pretty solid, can be fun if you get on the rpms, and actually has a pretty decent interior to boot (and on the cheap!):
    (Obligatory shiny photo)
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    I hate that car. Not the Focus in general. Yours. With a passion. I sat up until 3AM with you and the boys waiting for Nicky the Lip and Joey Greaseball to get that goddamn car out of the tow yard. Fuck you, you fucking Focus.

    Now, turning our attention to my cars:
    My first vehicle was a 1986 Chevy S10 Blazer. The thing was a piece of shit, a hand-me-down from my father's company. 4 years old and had 86,000 miles on it. The wipers would turn on when I put the turn signal on. The 4-wheel drive never worked. The A/C never worked. In the summer I would sometimes have to put the heater on while climbing steep hills or it would overheat. Someone keyed the word "DICK" into the driver side door. The shocks used to hold up the tailgate window failed one day and the window came crashing down on my head, leaving with a nice, huge bump. The bushings on the door were no good, so one day when I closed the door, it knocked the striker off and bounced back and hit me in the face. The lug nuts were fused to the bolts. I miss that car so much.

    After that, I had a red 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 5-speed manual. What a fun car. Got a ticket for doing 83 in a 55 with that car. One winter day a young kid who just got his license lost control on the highway and crashed into me. I hit the center divider then bounced off and slid across 3 lanes of traffic, finally coming to rest on the grass along the side of the road. The car was totaled.

    From the insurance money, I ended up buying a 1995 Eclipse GS 5-speed manual in black. My father's friend owned a Mistu dealership, so we got a good deal. He installed a 10-disc CD changer that broadcast over the radio, high tech for back then.

    When I left for college I sold that and went car-less for a while until 2004, when the Mitsu friend of my father's set me up with a 2002 Galant DE, that of RTFMNOOB license plate fame. As the family got older and the need for a safer vehicle became more important, I traded in the ol' Galant for a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder, my current vehicle.

    Back in March while driving back from a day in the mountains, the rear driver side wheel came off the truck, bounced over the highway, and smashed into the window of a semi truck traveling the other direction. We skidded to a stop in the middle of I-87, just over the crest of a hill where nobody could see us until the last second. There we were, at night, the truck filled to capacity with my wife, son, my wife's grandmother, and the dog. Thankfully AAA finally showed up, and he set up flashing lights and flares about 100 feet back. I got out of my truck and walked back to talk to him. Not 5 seconds later- WHAMMO!!! A car sideswiped his truck and skidded to a halt about 3 feet away from us. Now instead of one disabled vehicle, there were 3.

    We also picked up a 1999 Volvo for my wife. What an awesome car. In the summertime, the electrical system fails and you're left with no turn signals, no A/C, no stereo display (but the radio and CD player work), no gas gauge, no speedometer, no odometer, non-functioning power door locks, and non-functioning power windows. Oh yeah, sometimes the display will light up with a warning message about brake failure and that you should stop the car immediately. Wait, what?

    But other than that, it works great.
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    I am amused by how many of our cars have been destroyed. Even more that many of them were no fault of our own.
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    My first car: My dad's 1994 black Lexus GS300. Had over 200k miles on it and it was still awesome.


    2006 Scion tC. I accidentally a wall with it. :( RIP Bluesy.


    2004 Honda Pilot. Good in the winter, not so pretty as my Scion.


    ...I think I'm the 1%. Wups.
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    1. 1994 Nissan Sentra


    Dad bought the car in 2003 or so in case he needed an extra car for work. He gave it to my sister to use for college across the island. No matter how hard you try to deny it there's some truth in the stereotype that women and cars just don't mix. My sister had an "I don't give a fuck" attitude when it came to that car. I pretty much became the taxi for the campus even when my dad told her not too. Maintenance was neglected, stereos broken, body dented. She left for Georgia and the car stayed at home. At that time I still didn't have my license (20-21 years old). I honestly didn't car until my dad needed some help to make deliveries.

    I finally got my license and learned in that car. My dad started paying me and I started putting things in to the car. At first it was tinted windows, then a functioning radio and speakers. Finally some more money came and in and I plunked over $1,500 of audio in to the car. By the time I was done with the music there was more in car audio then what the car was worth. Then I bought some wheels and rims and had the car just where I wanted it. The car was pretty faithful. Would take me anywhere I wanted. After I while my job was steady and I got bored with the car. Wanted something new. In comes the Outlander.

    2. 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS (mine's greyish)


    First car I looked at was the Mazdaspeed3. I feel in love with it when I saw it online. Who wouldn't love 263hp in a car that size. Price in the US was $22k and I was fine with that. Went to the dealer one day to check it out and that is when I was shocked to find out that it was $28k here in PR. Cars on import are taxed around 30%. Screw that.

    After that I looked at the Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart wagon but nobody was parting with their's. There's something about Puerto Ricans and their wagons and Jeeps. Looked around for Subaru wagons like the Impreza WRX or the Forester XT (pretty much the same car) but it was also difficult finding one. Subarus seem to fall in to a different economic scale here in PR. They're either purchased by people that turn them in to ricers or people who are getting their first car in a well paying job. They usually trade them in for a Benz or BMW. Finally saw a nice used black Forester XT that I liked but the dealer wanted $31k for it. Screw that too.

    Finally settled on the Outlander. Didn't buy it used since that was the first year of that generation. For $25k I got a V6 with 220hp, 6-speed semi automatic, 23.5 mpg combined, 3 row seating, hands free bluetooth, 500W Rockford Fosgate stereo. 4 years and I still love this car. It being a newer car I haven't managed to put it car audio worth more than the car.
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    I think I'm the 1%

    Yeah, we all know this. Sheeshrichkids.
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    Sorry ...don't know how to embed the pics bigly. page 1.
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    page 3 ...what I drive today. I figured I would leave out wifey cars since I don't drive those much. I'll type tomorrow cause it's afer 1am. l8r
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    Car I learned to drive in:

    A 5-speed manual BMW 318ti California Edition w/M3 Sport package - "Mighty Mouse"

    That's him, posing in Malibu at Zuma Beach from when I still lived in the area. My dad still drives him today, about 230k on him, but in a much colder upstate NY climate. I'm still a bit bugged that thing is slowly rotting away with all that salt and magnesium on the ground in the winter... Great car, still love driving it when I go home for the holidays. The softtop is a great touch - it rolls all the way back on the roof.

    Car I should have gotten:
    2007 Acura 3.2TL - "MeMaw"

    Shown in white, but my Nana's was silver. Pristine condition - only 4k miles on it after a 3yr lease (battery died twice because my grandmother didn't drive it enough) and fully loaded. My mom drove it from Hilton Head up to NY and fell in love with it, even despite having called 'dibs'. Instead, I was awarded:

    2003 Chevrolet Malibu LS - "Misty"

    This isn't her pictured, but it's a twin of hers. She's heavy, she handles horribly, the engine is the saddest V6 you'll ever know...but it still gets me from A to B and it was paid off before I'd been given it as a graduation gift. I can't complain, really, but when you lose out to a TL ... well... #firstworldproblems. 140K on her right now, and she's very quickly entering end of life status with a $1300 repair necessary to a seeping something in the back axle. I'm lining up test drives.
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    I've never taken a picture of any of my cars, but I found som online photos:

    My first car, and the one I learned to drive on was a '92 Seafoam Green Toyota Tercel with a manual transmission. I got it from a coworker of my father's who was moving across country that weekend, and had to sell the car right that second, so I got it for only $1200, which was all I could afford (1t was 1997, I was 17, and working at Kroger).

    I totaled the car on a rainslicked road a few months later when the brakes locked up, and no one had yet taught me about 'pumping the brakes' when they stick. I slid about 100 ft while pushing as hard as I could on the breaks, not understanding why it wouldn't stop. I was finally stopped by a truck which, due to differing bumper heights. At this point I placed 'lack of universal standard bumper heights' at the top on my list of pet-peeves. It has remained in the top ten ever since.

    I sold the car to my uncle who restores cars for $500.


    My dad had to help my buy my next car because I didn't have full coverage on the Tercel. We found a light blue '89 Honda Civic 3-door at a used car dealership, and my dad haggled them down to $1500, including T+T.

    This car lasted me a long time, when I think of 'my car', this is still the car in my head. Over the 6 years I drove this car, I had to replace almost all the internal parts at least once. I drove it rough, especially while I was delivering pizza. For a couple years, I spent more time in this car than in my house, the back-seats were folded down perpetually, and the back was filled with 'things I might need' since I was in the car so much.

    I think it had about 250k miles on it when the transmission went out for the second time. I couldn't afford to fix it right away, and so it sat on the street for awhile while I drove another car. I thought I had parked it on a private drive belonging to the apartment complex, but apparently it was a public road, and apparently, you're not allowed to leave a car in one place on a public road for three months. It got towed, and when I finally got in touch with the tow-yard place, I had a choice: pay $500 to get my car back, or pay $50 to let them keep it. I was as mad as I've ever been, and I'm not sorry that I took it out on the clerk at the tow yard, but I didn't have $500. I barely had $50, so I payed the assholes to keep my favorite car ever, and cried a little.


    The car I got while my Civic was broke was a red '96 Chevy Corsica, which I bought from CrazyJoe's mom for $300. I didn't like the car much. It was an ugly color, it had a big dent in it from where Joe's mom backed the camper into it, it got me four speeding tickets (the only ones I've ever gotten - cops hate young people in red cars), and it had an automatic transmission.

    I had planned only to drive it until I could afford to fix the Civic, but when the tow-yard stole my civic from me (yes, I'M STILL MAD ABOUT THIS)
    I didn't have much choice anymore, this was now my car.

    I drove it only for a couple years, and was always on the lookout for something better, preferably another Civic, because I loved my Civic.

    I sold it to a friend, who still hasn't paid me for it, when I finally found a Civic to buy.


    My friend Annie sold me her Dark Green '98 Civic Sedan. I was happy to have another Civic, and to have a manual transmission again. It was at about 150k when I bought it, and I drove until 220k, having very few problems along the way.

    I drove this car almost as long as the previous Civic, and finally sol it only this past winter when it broke down about the same time that my wife's similar Civic broke down, and we decided that since we both had good jobs finally, we would get some new cars. Inexpensive new cars, but still, new cars. They would be clean and reliable, and warrantied, giving my wife the piece-of-mind she needed re: our vehicles.

    I sold this Civic to the girl at the dealership who sold us our new cars. I got the impression that she wasn't really allowed to do that, but I wasn't going to turn her in.


    I bought a pewter '10 Honda Insight new from the dealership. It was the first time I'd bought a new car, and only the second time I'd bought from a dealership.

    I got the automatic transmission, since it was important to Betsy that she be able to drive my car in an emergency, and she doesn't know or have the desire to learn manual transmission. I agreed since the car has the manual option feature, but when I actually tried to use it, it was impractical, so I just drive it automatic, and this time I'm letting myself get used to it, rather than letting myself hate it, like I did in the Corsica.

    It's served well, but it has been in one accident so far: I had to take Betsy's car up to EPIC this year because I needed the cargo space for all my boardgames and such, so she was driving my car. Those of you who were there might remember that I got a phone call from my wife right after the DTEC, during which she told me that she had wrecked my car turning the wrong way down a one-way street. Luckily, we have full-coverage, so we weren't out much - except an increased premium, of course.

    I plan for this car to last me until 2020.
  • jaredjared College Station, TX Icrontian
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    Suzuki Esteem. The first auto I owned was a typical "first car".. complete POS. Got it when I turned 16 my sophomore year, paid $2000 cash for it which I had saved up over the years. It was a clunker - no acceleration, gears slipped, etc. Drove it for a year and a half. I really couldn't complain though, it got me from point A to point B and that's all that mattered,


    About half way through my junior year in high school, I decided it was time for a new vehicle. The Suzuki was on it's last leg and I wanted to upgrade. I ended up buying a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. I loved this truck. It was light, had decent pickup, got ~20mpg, and had enough power to pull my jetski.

    I bought it for around 8k with a 3 year note. As luck would have it, 1 month after it was paid off a taxi cab pulled an illegal u-turn in the middle of an intersection and plowed into the passenger side of me. Totalled.


    So in late 2007 I was forced to get a new vehicle. Ended up getting a 2005 F-150 crewcab. Very similar to the picture below, except I have the package under this one (rims aren't as nice, no wheel well trim, etc).

    Got the truck for 14k with a 4 year note. Had about 35k miles when I got it, just passed 100k last week. So far I've had no problems other than my front alignment getting thrown off periodically, although I suspect that might be from the driver (err, wife) hugging curbs. About 6 months away from being paid off, and I plan on driving it until it dies.

    Only thing that sucks is the 14mpg, luckily I live in a small town and don't really drive much so it isn't a huge issue for me.


    Having paid for all 3 of my vehicles myself, it's definitely been a learning experience. I've came to the conclusion that I will never buy another one without putting 40-50% down and won't finance past 3 years. I guess that's from all the Dave Ramsey I have been listening too :D
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
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    This is the best description of a beloved car I've ever read:
    Kwitko wrote:
    The thing was a piece of shit, a hand-me-down from my father's company. 4 years old and had 86,000 miles on it. The wipers would turn on when I put the turn signal on. The 4-wheel drive never worked. The A/C never worked. In the summer I would sometimes have to put the heater on while climbing steep hills or it would overheat. Someone keyed the word "DICK" into the driver side door. The shocks used to hold up the tailgate window failed one day and the window came crashing down on my head, leaving with a nice, huge bump. The bushings on the door were no good, so one day when I closed the door, it knocked the striker off and bounced back and hit me in the face. The lug nuts were fused to the bolts. I miss that car so much.
  • djmephdjmeph Detroit Icrontian
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    My first car was a 1985 Buick Century. It was white with a blue velour interior and for some reason it was magnetized to mail boxes because I kept hitting them all the time. It kinda looked like this:


    We took the engine out of the Buick Century and put it into a 1986 Cutlas Ciera. Pretty much the same car, but it was red and had a pleather interior. It looked just like this.


    My next car I got closer to my 17th birthday. It was a 1987 Mercury Cougar and it was fucking awesome. It had a normal grey cloth interior, but it had a 5.0 mustang engine. Not so much fast off the line, but really great on the expressway and got amazing gas mileage too. It had a nearly 30 gallon gas tank and gas was so cheap back then that I could fill it up for around $20. The tank would last me a month, and I was driving about 30 miles down to Royal Oak almost every weekend. At some point the transmission stopped working and we had it rebuilt. It was a great car, had over 200,000 miles on it by the time I sold it.


    Just before I turned 18 I traded in the Cougar and leased a 1999 Ford Ranger. It was a two-seater, with the small ass "Splash" bed and it had a manual transmission. I thought I was sweet but it cost a lot for gas for something so tiny. I should have kept the Cougar.


    After the lease was up on the Ranger I didn't want to have a car note anymore so I bought this used 1991 Chevy Lumina from my Uncle. It was dope. I had some kind of sound system in it, which I believe were just two 8" subs with a 300W amp and replaced the 6x9s with Pioneer speakers. You can tell by this picture that I loved this car.


    About a year later I had some issues with the Lumina, it was leaking power steering fluid. We bought replacement lines but ended up getting frustrated, saying fuck it, and traded it in for another lease, this time a 2001 Ford Ranger. It was extended cab this time, with a regular bed. This is the only picture I have of it.


    I traded this lease in early to get a 2004 Ford Explorer. My dad worked at Ford and had some larger rims and tires that he swapped out for me on a decommissioned development vehicle. I used to take this off-roading at Silver Lake Sand Dunes and ruined the transmission. Then I had a string of bad things happen that led to getting this gas-guzzling beast repossessed.


    At this point I was pretty destitute and ended up buying a 1993 Oldsmobile Silhouette. It was green and all the body panels were made of fiberglass so it had no rust. We called it the Vanborghini and it lasted for about two years before I donated it to charity. It kinda looked like this but it definitely looked more like a beater.


    After this I bought the car that I'm currently driving, my 1998 Ford Taurus, which I call T-Rex. This car has been in my family since it was brand new and everyone drove it. It was my mom's when we bought it, then my sister took it with her to college, then my dad drove it for a while and then he gave it to me. It is about to turn over 200,000 miles, has a leather interior, and the premium sound system which I have replaced all the speakers. It also has a working sun/moon roof. It is the perfect sleeper for my hood. Every body panel has a lot of rust, and the stereo only has a tape deck, so it wouldn't be the most enticing car to steal or break into. I use a tape adapter with my phone for music most of the time and it sounds great. LOL @ the gothic raver kids, I just took this picture out of my Window.


    I have had two company cars in between going back to the Taurus. One was a 2008 Pontiac G6 that was red and I really liked it. It looked like this:


    When the lease was up on that they got me a 2010 Ford Fusion, and that was even more awesome. I have since driven the Fusion to North and South Carolina, all the way down to the coast, and more recently drove it back and forth from New York City. It is absolutely amazing for road trips. It's a big car and it gets about 32-34 MPG on the highway. It has a huge gas tank and goes more than 500 miles on a tank. The stock sound system on that is just a slight step up from what I have in my Taurus, so it was definitely excellent for listening to music too. It looks just like this:


    Now my dad drives the Fusion and I'm back to driving the Taurus, but I seriously love that car.
  • djmephdjmeph Detroit Icrontian
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    After all this I can honestly say that I love big four-doors, but I'm kind of hoping to get a station wagon next. My dream car is a BMW 535xi wagon.
  • WagsFTWWagsFTW Grand Rapids, MI Icrontian
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    djmeph wrote:
    After all this I can honestly say that I love big four-doors, but I'm kind of hoping to get a station wagon next. My dream car is a BMW 535xi wagon.

    shaggin' wagon
  • BetsyDBetsyD Cincinnati, OH Icrontian
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    CB wrote:
    It's served well, but it has been in one accident so far: I had to take Betsy's car up to EPIC this year because I needed the cargo space for all my boardgames and such, so she was driving my car. Those of you who were there might remember that I got a phone call from my wife right after the DTEC, during which she told me that she had wrecked my car turning the wrong way down a one-way street. Luckily, we have full-coverage, so we weren't out much - except an increased premium, of course.

    CB's memory is faulty, I turned right from a lane that I clearly remember seeing a sign that I could turn from that lane, but the girl in the lane next to me went straight and I knocked into her drivers side. That sign that I *know* I saw was not actually there when the insurance company decided fault..... :eek3:
  • BetsyDBetsyD Cincinnati, OH Icrontian
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    My cars are not nearly so interesting.

    I learned to drive in my parents Ford van, but don't actually consider that a car I ever drove since mother would never let me actually drive anywhere in it.

    My first car was a 1998 Honda Civic EX, dark green. It was a great reliable car. My dad "bought" it for me when I was starting my first internship during college, after which my mother hassled me every time I talked to her for 3 years until I finally managed to pay them back. I drove it for just under a decade until it had 250k+ miles on it and it was breaking down in odd ways. I sold it to my sister a year ago in almost pristine physical condition, and decent mechanical condition. After never having a single accident in it and taking it for all of its maintenance and fixing it right away when it broke, my sister managed to have it backed over, have a window smashed in to steal two burned CDs and a handful of change, and get into an accident that totaled the car in a span of 6 months :/ That Civic was wonderful and created a dedicated Honda fan out of me.

    I bought my current car a 2010 Honda CR-V EX in December last year. Since we put more miles on my car than on CB's car I am hoping to get 7-10 years out of it, but will be happy as long as it is paid off before I have to get a new one.

  • UPSHitmanUPSHitman The Big Nasty Indianapolis, Indiana Icrontian
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    This was my first car, 1987 Chevy Nova!! I called it the Ice Box becasue that air conditioner was crazy awesome! The funny this was that it had Toyota parts inside. HAHAHA I had this from 1997-to 1999 when a stupid kid with no license hit me with his dads 77 ford torino and totaled it. I miss that car. On another note Hitman was pimpin that day this picture was taken! 1987nova.jpg
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