Got engaged

LincLinc BardDetroit

Aaron and I took a 10-day trip to New Orleans in early February for the 5-year anniversary of our first date. We got engaged on the night of the anniversary (the 12th) on a quiet corner while wandering the streets of the French Quarter. We'd just left a long stint sitting with tall drinks at the bar in Port of Call, actually, and were on our way to Frenchman Street for some jazz.

I'd proposed a few years ago but Aaron wasn't ready (something about the high chaos of my life? I don't know why he would think that...). This time it was Aaron that took an arrow to the knee. I'd actually gone out of my way the entire evening to signal that I wasn't planning anything at all, so it was quite a surprise. He made us engagement rings out of wood; mine is maple and locust, for the trees growing in our yard.

We hope to get married in the fall if possible, in Detroit of course.



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