If geeks love it, we’re on it

Playing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time

When immersed in a geek lifestyle, it's nice to be reminded about what your first time was like... And we've all been there. Add comment

The magic behind the gathering of Magic: The Gathering

At least one French Canadian geek will be getting his game on when Dragon's Maze releases for Magic: The Gathering this May. Add comment

No one should be ashamed of being a nerd

A recent sketch on Portlandia claims that being a nerd actually sucks... Here's what one actual nerd has to say about that. Add comment

How a tech and gaming community does high tea

Icrontic: Tech, gaming, and... tea? since 2000? Sure, why not. Here's how a tech and gaming community does high tea. Add comment

Congrats, Anne and Eli!

Oh, no big deal, just the Icrontic marriage of the year. Add comment

How to grieve in an online world

How does an online community grieve? Add comment

Hollywood Movie Stills delivers the close-up

Hollywood Movie Stills is a book that scratches the itch for both photography buffs and cinephiles, highlighting the golden age of a somewhat little-known art form. Add comment

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic coming to IDW comics

The very successfully rebooted My Little Pony franchise, now a hit with adults as well as children, is branching out into the comic book world. Add comment

Chronicle review and giveaway

Chronicle is a movie about something every single one of us has dreamt about at some point or another: having superpowers. Add comment

Forever alone but well-dressed

Hey, just because you're sitting in front of your PC all day with online friends who don't know whether or not you're in the nude doesn't mean you have to dress like a schlub... Add comment

Lauren Faust artwork for DC Nation revealed

More details have surfaced about Lauren Faust's new animated shorts for DC Nation. Add comment

Proven 4 health and nutrition supplements

Michigan-based Proven4 reached out to Icrontic to introduce their health supplement products to our community through a week-long sponsorship of the discussion forums Add comment

DC Comics announces prequel to WATCHMEN

Before Watchmen is a new comic release from DC that tells the beginnings of the Watchmen story—but is it an insult to comic fans? Add comment

Mopar celebrates 75 years

Mopar celebrates 75 years and will be unveiling their 2012 Mopar in Center Line, Michigan Add comment

My Little Pony: A retrospective

The brony phenomenon is strong with a vast new audience to Lauren Faust's imagining of My Little Pony; but Ponies have been around a lot longer than that... Add comment

Aardman fails to compel in DC Nation short

DC teases the DC Nation programming block with an Aardman short... which doesn't go over too well. Add comment

2012 brings shakeups at Gawker

The start of a new year brings a bit of a shakeup to the Gawker network as Brian Crescente and Joel Johnson are no longer with Kotaku. Add comment

You’re the gun: Krahulik’s fallacy and your role in it

When one internet celebrity can wield his power to create mob justice, have we empowered the wrong people to make these decisions for us? Add comment

How the search for new forum software changed my life

A journey begins with a single step. This particular step was finding new forum software to replace our aging platform. Here's how it went down. Add comment

What it’s like to be new at Icrontic

In which a brand-spankin' new member waxes poetic about his first week at Icrontic. Add comment

Dancing with the nerds of Detroit

DJ Meph's "Bronies Eating Bass" tears up the crowd at YoumaCon 2011. Here's his take. Add comment