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CrazyJoe Icrontian


Winter Springs, FL
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August 13, 1979
Winter Springs, FL
Computer Teacher


  • CrazyJoe earned the 250 Awesomes badge.
    You received 250 Awesomes. Are you gaming the awesome system? Awesome!
    3 Aug
  • CrazyJoe earned the Pokébadge badge.
    My pokemans. Let me show you them.
    19 Jul
  • You participated in the 2015 season of the League of Extraordinary Icrontians... And then you played a bit! Level 2, watch out!
    Apr 2015
  • CrazyJoe changed his profile picture.
    Nov 2014
  • CrazyJoe earned the Mom on Mic! badge.
    You've gotten your dear, sweet mother to get on the microphone and chat with Icrontians during a community game event... Your poor mom!
    Jun 2014
  • CrazyJoe earned the 25 Helpfuls badge.
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    Mar 2014
  • CrazyJoe changed his profile picture.
    Mar 2014
  • CrazyJoe earned the 100 LOLs badge.
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    Sep 2013
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    Sep 2013
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    Sep 2013
  • CrazyJoe earned the 100 Awesomes badge.
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    Jun 2013
  • CrazyJoe earned the 25 Awesomes badge.
    You received 25 Awesomes. You are clearly a very awesome person.
    Feb 2013
  • CrazyJoe earned the Watch Nerd badge.
    You are a watch nerd. Nerd.
    Jan 2013
  • CrazyJoe earned the 2500 Comments badge.
    Another day, another comment, another badge.
    Jan 2013
  • CrazyJoe earned the 25 LOLs badge.
    You received 25 LOLs. Maybe not coffee-spitting LOLs, but you're getting there.
    Dec 2012
  • CrazyJoe and LeahVoice earned the 5 Awesomes badge.
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    Nov 2012
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    You received 5 LOLs. What a hoot.
    Oct 2012
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    Thanks for sticking with us for 9 years.
    Oct 2012
  • CrazyJoe earned the Review Writer badge.
    Write an in-depth hardware, software, or game review that is published on Icrontic.
    Aug 2012
  • CrazyJoe earned the Building Memories badge.
    Share a major life milestone with us on Icrontic.
    Aug 2012
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    Aug 2012
  • The person the whole family calls for computer help! or: yes, you can trust the advice coming from this person
    Aug 2012
  • CrazyJoe earned the The Team Captain badge.
    You've answered the call. You've Manned up. You've contributed to the TF2 server. Your community thanks you.
    Aug 2012
  • CrazyJoe earned the Icrontic Host badge.
    Have opened your home to other Icrontians and showed hospitality.
    Aug 2012
  • CrazyJoe earned the !beerme badge.
    Have shown outstanding taste in beer, participated in beer-review discussions, or have bought Matt & Brian copious amounts of it.
    Aug 2012