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  • Re: Dear 3D TV: Piss off

    @Sonorous said:

    @ardichoke said:
    Additionally, there is 1 sized MacBook, 2 sizes of MacBook Air, and 3 sizes of MacBook Pro

    Only two sizes of MBP. 13" and 15". They killed off the 17" a while back.

    Ah, I saw the Pro 13 and Pro 13 w/ retina as two different sizes. Thanks for the correction.

  • Re: 17 Jan: Icrontic.com maintenance time today

    @primesuspect said:
    Well now I feel old. In my head, /var/www is current. Sigh.

    It is in mine as well. But I primarily work with RHEL compatible systems, and I stick to their standards whenever possible.

  • Re: Star Wars Episode VII discussion

    @Linc said:

    @GHoosdum said:
    I don't think people will tire of Star Wars in quite the same way that we've overlooked The Little Mermaid 2, for instance.

    wtb "in defense of Little Mermaid 2" thread.

    In defense of Little Mermaid 2: Ariel is still a hot ass redhead. I'd hit it. (Note: I have not actually watched Little Mermaid 2)

  • Re: Steam Winter Sale Starts December 22nd - Ends Jan 4th 10pm PST

    @Thrax said:
    Don't forget roguelike, the other shitty and unimaginative disease to plague steam's recent catalog.

    Shut your whore mouth. Rogue-like games can be really fun. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it unequivocally sucks. Not everything has to be "Do you even lift, bro Simulator 2016"

  • Re: Any fountain pen nerds on Icrontic?

    I have developed a fondness for fountain pens lately as well.

    It all started out with the Pilot Vpen disposable fountain pen. Bought a pack just to see if I liked writing with them any more than other pens. Turns out I did, even though I had to be more selective of the paper I used and more cognizant of the position of my hand while writing.

    From there, I got a Lamy Safari pen, which I have quite enjoyed. I even got the plunger cartridge so I can use it with different inks. No explodey issues with it at all, would be curious how that happened.

    Currently, my daily driver is a Kaweko AL Sport. Really love how compact it is, and it has a good size and weight with the cap posted. Personally, I find it very hard to write with if you don't post the cap, but that's to be expected with my giant bear paws and the small size of the pen, sans cap.



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