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2x 6600GT vs 1x 6800GT

JChretienJChretien Vancouver, BC, Canada
edited Jan 2005 in Hardware
Which one you reckon is faster? this is PCI-E ... a 3500+ in a A8N SLi...

6600GT = 128mb Leadtek (are there any 256mb ones?)
6800GT = unknown cause nobody in vancouve has 6800GT in PCI-E yet.. but hopefully 256mb


  • entropyentropy Yah-Der-Hey (Wisconsin)
    edited Dec 2004
    I think maybe it was [H] who had (or linked to) a setup like that not *too* long ago. Might want to check it out. IIRC, the 2x6600GT held it's own quite well against a 6800GT, sometimes slightly passing it. Whether or not it's cheaper, worth the money for a dual PCI-e board, etc, I don't know.
  • MedlockMedlock Miramar, Florida
    edited Dec 2004
    I'll find a link for that review and post it in a sec.
  • MedlockMedlock Miramar, Florida
    edited Dec 2004
    Found the link... Compare for yourself. :)

  • MountainDewMountainDew Kentwood, MI
    edited Dec 2004
    I don't see enough of a gain (if any) to want me to go with SLI, seems smarter to just buy one 6800. What I wanna see is 6800 SLI, is that even possible yet?
  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
    edited Jan 2005
    Buy one then add a second later.
  • GnomeWizarddGnomeWizardd Member 4 Life Akron, PA Icrontian
    edited Jan 2005
    all i know is my 6800gt pwns. I dont see the point of two cards unless your designing games or have the extra money to blow
  • edited Jan 2005
    I'll second that one gnome
  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Watch Slut, Mumble Hivemind Drone Austin, TX Icrontian
    edited Jan 2005
    Being able to play Doom3 or HL2 at 1600x1200 with max detail is worth it to me.

    /me shrugs
  • GnomeWizarddGnomeWizardd Member 4 Life Akron, PA Icrontian
    edited Jan 2005
    i do that now

    /me Shrugs

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