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Thermaltake Volcano 7+

Bad_KarmaBad_Karma The Great White North
edited Jun 2003 in Hardware
I just bought one of these babies and I must say that it's a whole lot better then the retail HSF that came with my 1200Mhz Tbird. Before with the rertail hsf my comp would only overclock to 1300mhz but now its starting to approach 1400mhz with stable temps. Unfortunately the only thing wrong with the volcano 7+ is that the high fan speed setting sounds like the geforce fx flow system. Way too loud for daily stuff. Either than that I have learned my lesson to never go with with the hsf's that come with cpus. In low setting on the fan it keeps my cpu 8 degrees cooler that with the original hsf. Medium setting isn't too loud and I usually use that for gaming but I take the cpu back down to 1333Mhz so I can hear the game. :)


  • BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseur There's no place like Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    Thermalright SK7 + Mechatronics > Thermaltake *
  • Bad_KarmaBad_Karma The Great White North
    edited Jun 2003
    That's one big chunk of shiny copper. I read a couple reviews and yeah your right it performs better but I made my choice and I'm happy with it. Maybe in the future I'll go for the best.(probably not for a year or too)
  • dodododo Landisville, PA
    edited Jun 2003
    Yeah, volcanos are loud. I hope you learn the benefits of the thermalright soon, Bad_Karma. I have 2 1700's, one with a volcano 6cu+ and one with a thermalright sk7, and the thermalright is 8C cooler and much quieter.

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