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Extending scsi Dynamic disk

Buddha16Buddha16 Austin, Tx Member
edited Mar 2006 in Science & Tech
So i'm in a pickle and i don't know what to do.........:werr:. My machine is running with 5 scsi hd's and this is how they are laid out.....

Drive 0-16.95g Seagate (c drive on 4g partition)+begining of (D: 13g) drive spanned to Drive 1
Drive 1-16.95g Seagate (d drive spanned from c)

Drive 2-73g Maxtor 73g Mirrored with Drive 3
Drive 3-73g Maxtor 73g Mirrored with Drive 2

Drive 4- 36g Hitachi Simple drive

I have windows server 2000, and what I want to happen is to move the info on the D: drive (0+1 spanned) to my Hitachi Drive 4, and extend my c: drive to the whole 16g instead of it just being 4g. So the data transfer was just peachy thats done. Now i'm trying to extend the c: drive to the rest of the disk, but i can't because its dynamic and not basic, so i try some software. Well first thing i do is backup. Then i get the idea of making a clone of my c: drive and then extending it, well both acronis and partition magic don't work because it’s a dynamic drive and partition magic doesn't work on servers. So i'm just at a point where I can't think and my brain is fried after waiting for hours for all the backups and restore attempts. So if anyone has any tips i would appreciate it.:nudge:


  • ShortyShorty Manchester, UK Icrontian
    edited Jan 2006
    Dynamic disks are done way and once they are setup, they are a bitch to change :(

    Best plan honestly...? If the data is all backed up (check it first, really check it first), then nuke the disks & partitions.. revert back to basic & rebuild :)
  • Buddha16Buddha16 Austin, Tx Member
    edited Mar 2006

    Well i finally figured it out. I took shorty’s advice and did the following:aol:

    After a long search for software that would work on the server platform and with dynamic disks, i came upon ghost 2003. :banghead: First I performed a backup to the tape drive, then it was pretty easy from there.

    I formatted my second drive (Drive 1) and then removed all the other drives from the system (just in case). I told ghost to clone drive 0 (c: drive) to drive 1 (freshly formatted no partitions on it). Rebooted and it took over. Loaded dos and ghost and after a couple of hours it said it was done.:D

    I took my original drive 0 out and moved drive 1 to that spot and rebooted. Seeing that server 2000 screen was great.:hair: I made sure everything went good with the cloning and it did. It even extended the partition for me AND now I have a basic disk. I performed a quick backup again, and after a couple of days running good, I formatted my original drive 0 and spanned it to the new drive 0.

    So not to bad, very simple. Thanks again for your help shorty!!:respect:
  • ShortyShorty Manchester, UK Icrontian
    edited Mar 2006
    Excellent news.. another satisfied customer :D
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