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Have you deleted Lexmark spyware?[resolved]

Would you please answer my questions below?:

Have you deleted Lx-Cats file placed at: C:\Program Files\Lx_Cats?
If you have, are you having any problems after the deletion?

I would like to delete the file (in my sister's PC) but am concerned of defects caused by/after the deletion. I was searching for an OCR and PDF-to-Word converter software, and found this article. The article says: Part of the file collects data of printer usage, and sends the data to a hidden URL (possessed by Lexmark) every 30 days.

To mtunik:
You had found a spyware when you were helping me at this post.! Thank you so much!

Thank you for your time and help!


  • jmoney3457jmoney3457 Maine
    edited Dec 2006
    as long as it doesn't touch the *base installation files* of lexmark, I don't believe it would hurt but i'm NOT an expert in the area of lexmark printers helpneed so i'm not 100% sure
  • edited Dec 2006
    I Did Hear That Epson Had A Record Jotter In Their Cx3200 So After It Had Run A Certain Amount It Didnt Run Anymore And When I Deleted The Software I Had A Month Of Problems So Much So I Contacted Epson And They Sent Me A Patch Buyer Beware Spybot Finds These And Deletes Them But Nothing Can Get Rid Of The Tatoo Spy Thats Flashed In By Western Digital Lezlow To Resolve Format Whole Damn Thing....good Luck
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  • ShalimarShalimar Touching the Stars
    edited Dec 2006
    Hi Helpneed, :)

    We have come across this with some of the smaller business networks that we service.

    Contacting the company did not not resolve this.

    So our fix was to "this was well after the fact that the software was installed" was to configure the firewall software to disallow outgoing communications from that folder. "C:\Program Files\Lx_Cats"

    We have not tried deleting, we just disallowed that portion of the software to communicate with the outside world configuring the firewalls application protection mechanism to block anything out going from "C:\Program Files\Lx_Cats?"

    Printing duties were not affected, though when initally installing the software, register it then configure the firewall to disallow outgoing communications.

    Does your sister have a software firewall?

    Please note that not all firewalls will have this capability!
  • edited Dec 2006
    Thank you Shalimar for your help!

    I have applied the disallowance, as you did for the the smaller business:thumbsup:; Your experience of the no-defects
    Printing duties were not affected
    determined the application.;)
    Thank you so much!
    Does your sister have a software firewall?
    Yes, ZoneAlarm. I had installed the firewall long time ago since Trogan recommends it.:smiles:

    I was looking for: a defect (ex. print/scan/copy dysfunction) occurred long after the deletion.
    I did not find such a defect while I was testing basic functions (print/scan/copy) of the printer last week (Dec/08-15/2006; I had deleted the file on Dec/08/2006); but wished to know the future defects (defect occurred long after the deletion).
    (I uninstalled/reinstalled the printer's software to her PC yesterday, and applied the disallowance today)

    Thank you jmoney3457, lezlow, and Shalimar for your time and help!

    Please mark this thread as "Resolved". :vimp:
  • jmoney3457jmoney3457 Maine
    edited Dec 2006
    Helpneed wrote:
    Thank you jmoney3457, lezlow, and Shalimar for your time and help!

    Please mark this thread as "Resolved".
    your welcome:) marked resolved as requested:thumbsup:
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