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Server speed improvements?

sfleurietsfleuriet Texas New
edited Jan 2007 in Science & Tech
I'm running a small website, just for friends and people to see pictures and videos, and just for fun, all about my RC trucks and racing and whatnot.


The server is just right here in my room... a Dell P2, 400mhz, 128mb RAM. I access it from my main computer thru shared folders and Remote Desktop Connection. Its working perfect for me - just what I want, but its a little on the slow side for downloading. People can only download the vids and things at about 50kbps. So what can I do to speed it up? It's running XP Pro - somebody suggested Win 2000 might be better. Any ideas? Thanks

Oh and its also a 24/7 folding rig :thumbsup:


  • RWBRWB Icrontian
    edited Jan 2007
    If it's running off your home connection then their downloads are coming from your upload, on a normal DSL connection it's normally less than 300kbps which is about 37.5KBps.
  • sfleurietsfleuriet Texas New
    edited Jan 2007
    Wow I never thought about that... yes my upload speed even on this computer maxes out about 60kbps I think... I guess there's no way to speed that up then :werr: Thanks
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