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So which gamer here games on a LCD?

edited Jun 2003 in Gaming
Well, as the title suggests... im looking to switch from crt to lcd... and i will be gaming...

I made a post about this in general hardware... but later realized it might be wise to ask here as well :) (sorry if its a bother)

Well... if you game on an lcd... tell me your experiences with it - a la ghosting and bad pictures and stuff...

and if you like it.. tell me which model you use and which you would recommend !!!



  • dydxdydx Cymru, UK
    edited Jun 2003
    Get an LCD with the fastest response time possible if youre going to be gaming or itll look crappy.

    LCDs are better for office work than games/video.

    Youd be better off with a decent CRT.

  • drowddrowd Texas
    edited Jun 2003
    i remember i used to have a huge 21 inch monitor that i lugged around with me at college and what not. i seriously almost blew out my back whenever i tried to move it. and then i traded it for an all-mighty all-powerful 15 INCH LCD (OMG!!!!111!!). this was back in the day when they were hot stuff. anyway, just recently i bumped it up to a dell 18.1 inch LCD (that extra .1 of an inch is VERY important) and i absolutely love it. anyway, just my two cents . . .
  • NaVeriOuSNaVeriOuS Bradford, Oh
    edited Jun 2003
    LCD = *Vomit*
  • dydxdydx Cymru, UK
    edited Jun 2003
    If youve gotta get an LCD, watch out for dead pixel clauses in the warranty. I had 5 on my LCD in about 7 months, and i was lucky enough to get a replacement.

    If the manufacturer wont replace it untill you have 20 dead pixels the screen will look totally gay.

  • edited Jun 2003
    "Hyundai has recently started guaranteeing its monitors for less than three dead pixels. Hats off - this is much more than most of its rivals can say"

    So if its got three or more... i gots a new one :)
  • dydxdydx Cymru, UK
    edited Jun 2003
    One dead picel is enough to piss me off.

    LCD technology has some way to go before being better than CRT.

  • Raid0Raid0 California
    edited Jun 2003
    Most reviews Ive seen on LCD's say its not for gamers.(Not a fast enough refresh rate) Nothings better for gamers yet than CRT.My 02 cents.:cool:
  • dellindellin Wisconsin, US
    edited Jun 2003
    yes, LCD has a long way to go for gamers. CRT is king! ;P
  • csimoncsimon Acadiana Icrontian
    edited Jun 2003
    I have no complaints ...samsung 191t
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