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Last Weeks Stats

RADARADA Apple Valley, CA
edited Feb 2009 in Fitness
For those that are interested....

Weight: 237 (from 258)

Upper Body:

Chest: Incline Dumbell Presses:
1st Set: 55lbs x 12 (each hand)
2nd Set: 65lbs x 10
3rd Set: 75lbs x 8
4th Set: 90lbs x 6

Chest: Standing Cable Flyes:
1st Set: 40lbs x 12(each side)
2nd Set: 50lbs x 10
3rd Set: 60lbs x 8
4th Set: 60lbs x 6

Shoulders: Seated Arnold Presses (Dumbells)
1st Set: 40lbs x 12
2nd 45lbs x 10
3rd 50lbs x 8
4th 50lbs x 6

Shoulders: Standing Shoulder Flyes:
1st 25lbs x 12
2nd 30lbs x 10
3rd 35lbs x 8
4th 35lbs x 6

Back: Long Bar Pulldowns (wide grip)
1st 105 x 15 (too light)
2nd 135 x 12
3rd 150 x 10
4th 180 x 8
5th 195 x 4

Back: Seated Rows (Close Grip)
1st 135 x 12
2nd 150 x 10
3rd 195 x 8
4th 205 x 6

Triceps: Nose Breakers
1st 65lbs x 12(curl bar)
2nd 75lbs x 10
3rd 85lbs x 8
4th 85lbs x 6

Triceps: Cable Push Downs
1st 50lbs x 12
2nd 60lbs x 10
3rd 60lbs x 8
4th 60lbs x 6

Biceps: Long Bar curls
1st 55lbs x 15
2nd 65lbs x 12
3rd 75lbs x 10
4th 85lbs x 8
5th 85lbs x 6

Biceps: Preacher Bench Machine
1st 55lbs x 12
2nd 65lbs x 10
3rd 85lbs x 8
4th 95lbs x 6

.... I'll post Legs and cardio later.... (Lunch break is over!)
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