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Photoshop Request

sfleurietsfleuriet Texas New
edited Mar 2009 in Internet & Media
Can anyone work on removing the entire grass background in this picture? I'd like it to be just transparent in a PSD file so I can use it in different places. I've spent hours working on it, but just don't have the skills in Photoshop to make it look sharp. Any help is appreciated - Thanks


  • sfleurietsfleuriet Texas New
    edited Mar 2009
    If you think you can do it, I can email you the full resolution picture.
  • jaredjared College Station, TX Icrontian
    edited Mar 2009
    I'm guessing you can't retake the picture on a better surface like tile or concrete? Cropping it out won't be hard, but cloning out the blades of grass might be a little tedious. I might be able to take a shot at it tomorrow if time permits.
  • sfleurietsfleuriet Texas New
    edited Mar 2009
    Yeah I can't retake it any time soon. If you can take a shot at it, that would be great
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