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SB Audigy 2 compatible with 2.1 Analogue?

edited Jan 2004 in Hardware
I purchased a HP Media Center PC. The PC user guide said if I had HP Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 speakers that I would need a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS card so I bought one and installed it. Now my speakers won't work. Are they not compatible after all? The speakers will only work with headphones and even then I get a slight popping sound. (I installed the update for that card and it did not stop the popping.)
The 2.1 configuration choice for the sound card does not show a subwoofer, just 2 satellite speakers and it won't let me calibrate.
The speakers worked with my old PC and the sound card works with cheap desk top speakers so I do not believe there is a problem with the hardware. Is that sound card really only compatible with a desktop, 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 system? :confused2
PS. I can't get a response from customer service from either company yet so I am hoping someone here can help.
PSS. I am a novice, speak clearly and slowly.


  • TheBaronTheBaron Austin, TX
    edited Jan 2004
    alright, well those pieces of hardware ought to be perfectly compatible, as they are in fact what im running right now. clarify something for me, and then i'll see if i can help you out. when you say they "only work with headphones" do you mean through the headphone jack ON the speakers?
  • edited Jan 2004
    *whew* First of all thanks for answering !!!
    Yes, I have my headphones plugged into the satellite speaker.
    The cable that says "pre-amp" (? I'm at work guessing what that said) on the back of the subwoofer runs to that same speaker. That same speaker is has a cable with a green mini plug which I plugged into the line out 1 slot of the sound card.
    When I unplug the headphones, the only sound I get is muffled from the subwoofer and the speakers are totally silent.
    I checked the sound settings for the PC and nothing is muted.

    In my HP users manual, it states to check the 2.1 Klipsch speaker system, click Start,All Programs, Creative, Sound Blaster Audigy 2, Creative Speaker Settings. Since the sound card that came with the PC did not seem to work I thought I needed to buy a new sound card so I did. I was afraid I bought the wrong sound card since I bought an Audigy 2 ZS and I have noticed on some web sites there seems to be just a plain Audigy 2? I was wondering if the ZS made a difference. The Audigy box says 5.1,6.1 and 7.1.

    I calibrated in the headphone mode just so I could have sound since I could not calibrate them in the 2.1 mode using the Audigy Speaker Settings.
    *crossing fingers that you have the answer*

    PS I connected my speakers to a jam box and the satellite speakers (woofers?) did not work....I guess it is the speakers....now that I know they should work with that sound card....
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