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Trying to OC KestrelFlight’s 1055T

jedihobbitjedihobbit Central Virginia, USA New
edited Feb 2011 in Hardware
Need to get home and post settings, but for now here is my results and just wonder if the “wall” is a mobo thing, CPU, or both.

Things that matter……

PSU: Zalman ZM1000-HP Plus
CPU: PII X4 1055T
HSF: Zalman CNPS9900-NT
MEMORY: F3-16000CL9D-4GBTD w/ Zalman ZM-RC1000

Currently these are settings that I remember………

Memory is 9-9-9-24-1T @ 1.65v (can’t get far enough where 2T seemed to make a dif.)
HT & NB multis are set @ 7X
CPU @ 256 x 14 = 3.58GHz with 1.4ish v

Now the “weird stuff”………

Will not boot @ 260 so didn’t try further….this seems weird because I usually have to drop down 8 to 10 to get a stable run. However the 256 (258?) withstood 1 hour OCCT and 10 hours Prime without issue. Also have the GPU (285) folding while the CPU stress test are happening.

Will show 258 x 14 = 3.61 in bios but CPUZ and OCCT indicate the 256 setting.

I use HyperPi to do initial testing before doing the others. For what ever reason when I tried my usual 4M & 8M runs, CPU #0 (first) will default to a 16K run with the rest doing the selected settings.

BTW temps under load do not exceed low 40sC per CoreTemp & HWMonitor.

Okay back to work and hope to post more later!


  • jedihobbitjedihobbit Central Virginia, USA New
    edited Jan 2011
    Dropped the mem speed and that eliminated the most of the issue. Under S & Gs did manage a 4M run of HyperPi at this setting......

  • jedihobbitjedihobbit Central Virginia, USA New
    edited Jan 2011
    :O Been too busy to get the specs up (eventually) but it seems with a 1 hour run of OCCT and 12+ hours of Prime the system is running stable at 3.8GHz. :rockon:
  • jedihobbitjedihobbit Central Virginia, USA New
    edited Feb 2011
    Okay lets try to get this going again while I have a chance!! The biggest thing so far is I’ve been too lazy to list my settings…….still am so going to show pix of the bios.

    Interesting thing I noticed about the version of OCCT (v3.1.0) I using shows my starting value at 3.3GHz……..that’s the 1099T isn’t it??

    Anyway now bios >> CELL MENU, the next 2 shots show the “general” settings…….

    MSINF980-G65CellMenu1.jpg MSINF980-G65CellMenu2.jpg

    However I have upped the vCore back to 1.45v because while I’ve been able to do a lot of things at the 1.40v OCCT and Prime will not last. So if this is going to be another go at “upping the ante” then it will be required.

    The next two show the DRAM settings………

    MSINF980-G65DRAMMenu1.jpg MSINF980-G65DRAMMenu2.jpg

    Now that you’ve seen it, suggestions?
  • jedihobbitjedihobbit Central Virginia, USA New
    edited Feb 2011
    Ladies and gents........I'm currently using Hyper Pi, OCCT, and Prime95 (multi-core) for stess testing. Any others out there that are free??

    BTW just noticed the mobo vCore maxes at 1.52v.......
  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Watch Slut, Mumble Hivemind Drone Austin, TX Icrontian
    edited Feb 2011
    P95 multi-core and OCCT are really all you need to stress test the system.
  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian
    edited Feb 2011
    and f@h
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