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New Icrontic St. Patty's pub glasses

primesuspectprimesuspect HumanGarbageDisposalDetroit, MI Icrontian
edited Mar 2012 in Our Community
We're happy to announce a new bit of merch. The Icrontic St. Patty's pub glass.

(The picture is from a catalog, when we get them in hand I'll take a better pic. The ones we have do NOT have a gold rim)
This is a 22oz pub glass with the same quality of ink that's on our Oktoberfest glasses; as most of you know, they're extremely durable.

Right now, they'll be available to attendees of ICSP 2012 for the special introductory price of $15. We take cash or credit cards.

Later on, we'll make them available online for $20+shipping.

These are a limited run! Get them while you can!
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