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[BLOG] Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Fierce

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Hadouken! I remember being six years old and passing by the arcade. The flashing lights drew me with my hand in my pocket clutching my precious quarters. There was a tall cabinet with two people playing at the same time. On the screen I saw a man in a white gi extend his two hands in front of him and produce a ball of energy. This flash of light struck his green-monster looking opponent promptly ending his life.

The karate-man soon raised his fist in the air symbolizing his dominance of the match. I was soon broken out of my reverie when the guy playing asked if I was going to play. I stepped up to the machine put in my quarter and chose my character. I chose this wrestler looking guy with a mohawk because I thought he looked strong. I got demolished. I enjoyed my game, but I just got owned. Soon after - about eight losses or so - I found myself with no more quarters. I left that place with my head hung low. I vowed to get better and get revenge.

Did I ever meet that guy again? Yeah. Crushed him. (Two years later haha)

My brief history aside I can say now that I am thoroughly entrenched in the fighting game community. I have been playing fighting games since I was six and I have been playing competitively since 2001. I have competed in tournaments and I have even won a few local ones. I'm not a slouch at the game, but then again I am not a big-name either. I just love the game.

Capcom has been busy in their gaming studios coming out with the new generation of fighters. Street Fighter IV (SF4) in Febuary 2009, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes (TvC) which has very little chance of reaching the States due to the multitude of licensing issues and Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix (STHD) which comes out at the end of November this year.

STHD has caused a large stir in within the community because its an older game complete with its classic conventions being remade with new pretty art. Asides from the new artwork done by Udon Comics, many top-level Street Fighter players have worked on the game to re-balance the games more noticeable character flaws and make it more accessible to the mainstream. What this does is turn the standards upside down and adds more depth to the game (Think TF2 new weapons but without unlocks). Easier alternate inputs, more viability to the games lackluster characters (LOL T.HAWK) and new online versus mode also add to the attraction of the game.

Street Fighter II took the whole arcade scene by a storm during the 90's. Maybe this new remake will finally be able to lure in more players and revitalized the dying scene. Its coming out soon. Its going to be great.

A couple of trailers in the meantime to hold us off.

Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix - Trailer 1
Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix - Trailer 2


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    Rad. :rockon:
  • WinfreyWinfrey waddafuh Missouri Icrontian
    Did I ever meet that guy again? Yeah. Crushed him. (Two years later haha)

    Eggy get his man!
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