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Come play Destiny 2 on PC with me

sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian
edited 4 Nov in Gaming

Destiny 2 for PC is free until Nov 18th. https://www.destinythegame.com/battlenet

Come play a beautifully designed PvE solo/coop shooter with a great story, wonderful voice acting, and tons of content.

Reach out to Sazboom online to get an Icrontic Clan invite as well as a party invite any time. Very happy to help new players.


  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    Also, @primesuspect if we get a few Icrontians, can we get a Discord channel as well?

  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    If you get enough to justify it, sure

  • trooster89trooster89 Are you from London? Icrontian
    edited 5 Nov

    It was fun until the 1st expansions dropped and locked out a bunch of content. I havne't touched it since.
    It lacked a lot of QOL features for a MMO. The map was terrible and matchmaking had to be done outside of the game.
    Maybe its improved since. I guess for free you have nothing to lose. The campaign was at lease solid.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    Yeah, Destiny 2 has a tough rep to beat right now. They made some bad decisions early on with expansions. Activision & Bungie did a bunch of make-goods this latest expansion to address their pass sins. I believe this free version of D2 part of that meia culpa. But everyone who I've talked with that has given the game a second try says they're having a blast playing it, so past mistakes aren't really hurting current players. YMMV

    I should mention in all this, I am NOT a PvP player. Like, at ALL. I don't do the Crucible (PVP arena) or the Gambit (PvE teams with PvP incursions) I appreciate D2 for its coop PvE gameplay, story, and raids. For that, D2 is a really fun experience that has a ton of meat on its bones for repeated play.

  • MassalinieMassalinie O'Canada Vancouver, Canada Icrontian

    I have downloaded it but still have to play to the part where multiplayer becomes a thing. :-P

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    Yeah, I can't even begin to explain that logic for an MMO to block multiplayer for the first block of hours in the game. Makes no sense to me.

  • CycloniteCyclonite Tampa, Florida Icrontian
    edited 7 Nov

    The game was never really marketed as an MMO, though. The community sort of assigned that genre to it. It pulls elements, but it does that from a lot of genres.

    That aside, they implemented a lot of really great changes throughout Destiny 1, and ultimately ended up with a "bad" Destiny 2 because of the community complaints about the D1 changes. They streamlined a lot of stuff, and oversimplified others. Now with Forsaken, they're back closer to what the ending Destiny 1 experience was.

    It's a fun game, with some flaws. Give it a chance, and you'll have some fun. :)

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