FireFox extensions

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What FireFox extensions do u use?
I use:
google bar
tab browser
faster fox
flash got
wml browser


  • airbornflghtairbornflght Houston, TX
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    ie tab

    that is the only one that I use that will work with bon echo so far.
  • DexterDexter Vancouver, BC Canada
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    Best FF Extension I have found recently is POPUP ALT ATTRIBUTE. It remedies the default that Firefox has which restricts the size of the ALT preview to about 100 characters. Firefox users on a Vbulletin forum like SM see shortened thread previews as a result. As most people who use Vbulletin based forums know, Vbulletin places the first 300 characters or so of the first post in a thread into that ALT tag, so that you can preview the thread simply by hovering over it. IE does not restrict the size of the ALT preview. Thus, when browsing a Vbulletin forum in FF, one sees shorter thread previews than if one were to use IE. It's one of the very few things I dislike about Firefox.

    Popup ALT Attribute removes that limit in seconds.

  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Watch Slut, Mumble Hivemind Drone Austin, TX
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    IE tab, Tiny URL Creator, FireFTP, Greasemonkey, Flashgot, Compact menu, Tabmix Plus, Optimoz Tweaks.
  • BLuKnightBLuKnight Lehi, UT
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    Let's see.

    Tab X: Put the x to close a tab on each and every tab
    RoboForm: Store passwords which are kept encrypted. It also syncs with my PDA.
    Google Toolbar
    Google Notebook: Great for keeping notes which can be looked at by any computer.
    Verizon Minutes Used: Used to keep track of how many peak minutes have been used on my family plan.
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    adblock with filtersetg...thats all I got at the moment.
  • zero-counterzero-counter Linux Lubber San Antonio
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    No Script
    Adblock Filter.G Updater
    Image Zoom
    Download Statusbar
    Gmail Notifier
    Update notifier
    Session Manager
    Gmail Space
    HostIP info Geolcation Plugin
    Foxy Proxy
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