Please help: Music files renaming themselves

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Hey, for some reason alot of my music files are renaming themselves. I will go and rename a file from say track01 or whatever to its proper name and then i will come back and it has gone back to the track number of that cd instead of the proper name. I have also actually seen this happen right in front of me..looking in my folder and a song that i have renamed has changed itself. This is really annoying the **** out of me as i have over 3000 songs and i spent days and days painfully renaming songs to just have it all stuffed up again. Does anyone know what is happening and how i can stop it from happening?

Cheers Mik


  • DexterDexter Vancouver, BC Canada
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    Just a shot in the dark, but are you running any sort of music management software that may be managing the tracks in a library?

  • mikmik
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    I dont think so...I play all my music through windows media player...i do have i-tunes installed but dont use it. One of my mates also installed winamp onto my system for a while but i got rid of it...besides that i cant think of any other audio playing software etc that i have...ill get rid of i-tunes n see what happens but yeah...the actual files themselves get completely not just through windows media player do they show a different title etc..
  • MountainDewMountainDew Kentwood, MI
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    Have you tried using tagging software? My favorite is Tag & Rename.
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    I've seen itunes do similar things, so I guess see if getting rid of that fixes your problem, also, do you sync up an mp3 player or anything? I've used winamp forever and never seen it do any such thing. You could try stop using Windows Media and use something like foobar for a little while and see if that helps anything. If I were you, I'd check virus protection though...I don't know any random programs that would change constantly change filenames. Have you tried naming them back and putting them in a different folder? Check settings anywhere that you play or edit music and make sure there isn't something that is managing it for you.
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