Call Of Duty 4 Game of the Year Edition

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If all of my friend have the regular version of COD 4 without the patches installed, will I be able to play with them, or would they have to update to the same version as mine? is the COD4 Game of the Year Edition a different version even?

Thanks, Sniper


  • Gate28Gate28 Orlando, Florida
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    They'll need to patch their game to the same version you have and as long as all of the games are legit, then you should be good.
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    We are all friends at the same school, without much of a chance to get off campus and buy games so we end up sharing. We generally play LAN battles so it doesnt matter if we use the same code, but when I get tired of kicking them in the butt it would be nice to be able to go online without worrying about anyone using the same code. Since I have the game on my computer already, the same version as theirs I should just be able to put in the new CD key.
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