Is this enough for a server?

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I used to have a nice 24ports switch but now I no longer have access to it because Its used for networking my friends in the dorm. Now, I must find other options.

I have an old computer wich specs are:

PII 400mhz
196mb ram
20go 7200 ATA66 maxtor HDD
3 NICs
El cheapo snd card

I previously used it as a CS and DOD dedicated server in LAN and it was working well with 12 players.
Now I would like to now if you guys think this will be enough for 18players. We will be playing CS, DOD and Call of duty. I would also like to know if running CS and DOD dedic servers at the same time will kill my performances even if one is empty???

As for the network, we only have acess to a 16 port, 5 port and 8port hubs (Yes, the 10mbs POS), nobody wants to buy another switch.

What I was planning to do is run a hub off each NIC (I have 3) of my server instead of uplinking everything. My thought was this would be faster because each hub has its own NIC to the server but I figured this would'nt work because all NICs have
a different IP. I would like to know if its possible to set the server to run on all NICs or give the same IP to all NICs ??? Would uplinking be better????

I currently have win2k pro but I have WIN2003 server in my dorm wich I can install. The last few LANs we used a router as a DHCP server but I know that with WIN2003 server, I will be able to use my server as a DHCP and probably share connection throughout my 3 nics so the 3 parts of the network will be able to communicate with each other (Correct me If I'm wrong plz).

I know thi seems to be a lot of stuff but I'm not as knowledgeable in networking and servers as I am in Hardware

Thanks a lot



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    IMHO those are pretty low specs. Don't expect CoD to run on that. As for the the diffrent NIC's, I guess you could just bridge the connections (/XP/2k3 dunno about 2k).
  • TemplarTemplar You first.
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    You're probably going to need a new processor/mobo if you don't want your server to choke. 18 people, even on a HL server, is a lot to handle. An old P2 won't do all that great. If you want something cheap, get an old *preferredvendorhere* mobo and a Duron at about 1.2ghz or so. That should be able to handle 20 people adequately.
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    I guess I'll change my 1700+ for 2500+ and slap it in the server with my A7n8x. As for the network do you guys think 3 hubs on their own nic will do is it better to uplink everything.
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