BSOD and Clueless of the cause for it

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Hi everyone,
I find all the solution very informative, but I am kind of confuse to the culprit of my problem.
I had this problem before two months ago, and resolve it by
following the instructions given.
The problem that I am having now is narrowing it down.
I get a STOP Code:0x0000008E(0xC00000005,0X8243C(?)157,0XAC5D91C,0X00000000)

I ran and did all the things suggested and none of this was the problem.
I even updated my BIOS, which needed it the most and still I get the same results.
What I am asking is there anything or a step that I missing or did wrong?:O

Oh before I forget my OS is Windows Vista and I can't boot normally is the real problem because I got no sound and cannot do anything while in Safe Mode.


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    Did you follow the entire guide here?
    Test H/W (memory mostly, but HDD test wont hurt), then try vista's startup repair. (that is just what i would do, but the guide details all of that)
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    I had received a blue screen of death with a stop error a few weeks ago while using Windows XP. I could not get the OS to load to even enter safe mode. I removed everything attached to the system except the monitor then rebooted. I received the keyboard error at startup then shut down holding the power button for 5 seconds. I reattached the keyboard and mouse then rebooted and everything worked fine. I believe that my external hard drive had an issue that stopped the drive then XP crashed then flagged the system as having a failure at the hard drive. Perhaps you have an external hd that you turned off without using the "safely remove hardware" features? just trying to help ...
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    Sounds like you've got some troubleshooting to do.
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